Rolling Kitchens

Last weekend my parents invited me to come along with them to “Rollende Keukens”, a foodtruck festival in Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Like the title already gives away: Rollende Keukens is translated as Rolling Kitchens –kitchen in a truck..and it rolls..because it has weels.. you know what I’m sayin’?-
If you are an ultimate foodie just like me, this will make your gobble heart beat a little faster:

A ride in the park

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning –or afternoon- on your day off, sunlight is peeking through the curtains and it automatically puts a smile on your face? You have one last big stretch and a wriggle before you get out and have a little peek outside; people walking or running, cycling, ducks that quak, kids playing outside… Now you have to get out too and do something useful with your day as it can be considered as a rare event in a rainy country. Although, I must say; summers can be really good in London, sometimes even better than in The Netherlands, but you just know that a storm is lurking around the corner.

Now you have to decide what you can do without having to spend too much money,

Festival season comin’ up

So festival season has basically started in The Netherlands, there are loads and loads of parties/festivals in the country. But one of my favourite ones is about to happen this weekend: “Freshtival”. It is a festival held in Enschede – East of The Netherland, where I come from – which gives you the ultimate summer feeling; great line-ups, different kinds of areas with different genres, awesome food and everybody is in a good mood –the m

The Breaky Club

If you are familiar with London, you must know this place: The Breakfast Club.
It is –I think of many – one of my most favourite places to go to for an awesome breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Maybe a brief history of The Breakfast Club for you – who doesn’t love a bit of history? – :
So their mothership is based in Soho started in 2005, a family caf business offering old all day food and drinks. And soon from there success was made and it spread like wildfire. They even have secret bars – yes, like literally, secret! hidden away – I did not had the privilege yet to say that I have been there and try it out for you guys .. one day, one day.. anywhooo~

The first time I was introduced to TBC – I will shorten it from now on, ’cause I’m lazy – was at

All about them clothes & Abs

I was trying to get some inspiration from other bloggers in what to actually blog about; how their blogs/websites looked like, their writing style and the subjects. There are millions, -billions ,- endless amounts of blogs on the wide net, it could take me decades if I was patient enough, –Which I am not.

So it should not be that hard to find some really good websites, right? But Good heavens! It is like everywhere I turn: left, right, up, down, mirrored, backwards; I am drowned in fashion blogs or fitness-health blogs. Not that I have anything against them, do not get me wrong! They are interesting and somewhat inspiring, but are dominating the internet taking the spotlight of blogs that have different themes, and in my opinion, are actually more interesting. Ofcourse, after some deep digging in google – second or third page – I did find some other inspiring blogs where the writers talk about their daily life or even their battle against disorders, illnesses or random hobbies. 

So yes, I have found some inspiring blogs who will help me with improving mine. It has taken me ages to finally put this blog up, I can be such a perfectionist and am my worst critic.. But maybe that is a good thing? Just give me some love and some time and I will promise you it can only get better.

Toodle pip!