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“TUT!” #1 Public transport/Travelling

GIF Source: Inspired by the “Stom!” series – Dutch for: stupid/annoying – of the Dutch magazine: Linda. The tut-tut/tutting in UK or tsk-tsk/tsking in US is the slight clicking sound you make with your tongue when you are annoyed, -impatient -or dissapprove of something. And I have this soooo many times! Especially since I live in London, constantly tutting away throughout the day… A tut-day. So I decided to share some TUT!’s that might relate to your daily struggle as a global citizen,

Are you still blogging or wah?

Yea, I am – how bow dah? I know it has been pretty quiet on my website, whereas my Instagram has been active every day. The reason for this is because I have not really been anywhere for a solid review, or I simply just forget to write about it. Writing a blogpost dedicated to one slice of cake I ate is not that interesting if you ask me – unless you guys are interested in how every single bite of it was –. To be honest, financially

This is why we say ‘Bless You’ after a sneeze

Sometimes,- or actually, most often I have some random thoughts and questions going through my mind. When A. and I were on our way to an afternoon tea cottage in The Netherlands I had a sneeze – There isn’t a day that goes by without me sneezing – and of course A. said: ,,Bless you.” then he popped the question that I have been thinking about for a little while too: Why do we say ‘bless you’ after someone sneezes?  When I get my mind set on something, I will not let it go before I have a solid answer. So my research began and I have been reading several articles, blogs, papers, journals ,whatever I could find, to get an answer to that burning question of ours. Here is what I got,

The new year new me bullsh%t

HELLO, IT’S ME! I am still strolling around on this globe; I am still breathing; I am still taking photos of my food. I know it has been quite a long time since I have written any blogposts, but I have been very active on my Instagram trying to gain more followers and joining the foodie community, which I very much enjoy! The reason for my absence on my website was mainly because of the job that I had started in September, it asked a lot of time and energy – double shifts three to two times a week and ‘normal’ 8 hour shifts on the other two/three days -. As most of you know: I am a very busy bee who had lots of other things beside the working life, but like I said: the job asked a lot from me both physically and mentally, resulting into not doing anything else than take rest after.- I do have to say that I knew what I had signed up for, but just did not realise how much it actually …

What’s in our fridge?

Ok, I am sorry and I know I had promised to post every Thursday and Sunday. But yesterday was my day off as I work most weekends and finally had a whole day to spend with A.! We went for a cycle through Hackney Wick, had brunch at The Breakfast Club there – Another tick off the list! (see The Breaky Club one of my first posts) – and it was delicious!! If you follow me on my instagram you have probably seen what I ate there – I’m hungry again –. Today is another day off for me and it was time for me to do some groceries at my favourite supermarket: