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The most beautiful Nail files I’ve ever seen

Oh look at these products in my featured image above, I swear they look even prettier in person! This is what I have received from the lovely team of Mont Bleu. They have recently approach me, introducing their products and asked if I would like to try them out. And of course I said I do! As the curious person I am, I did my research of course as I was not familiar with Mont Bleu just yet. But they are quite well known in the nail industry, and now I understand why! Mont Bleu is a manufacturer of Czech made glass nail files, a Design Atelier who makes bijoux, decorates beauty products and gifts with Swarovski elements. They strive for quality and functionality, beauty and uniqueness with their hand crafted products. Their online shop offers a wide range of nail-care products, but also jewellery, various accessories and make up brushes. Keep reading as I have a little surprise just for you!

Easter treat: The Beauty Egg Collection

HAPPY EASTER HOLIDAYS IN ADVANCE! What better way than to treat yourself with THIS baby? So this, ladies and gentlemen, is The Beauty Egg Collection from, isn’t it pretty? When I saw some fashion/beauty (insta)bloggers such as Lydia E. Millen and Michaela making fabulous pictures on instagram with The Beauty Egg box in their lap I became one of those girls that makes that screamy/whale’ing oh-ma-gawd sound when seeing something they need to have. (Unfortunately it is already sold out but you are able to order some of the products on the LookFantastic website.) So when I saw