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“TUT!” #1 Public transport/Travelling

GIF Source: Inspired by the “Stom!” series – Dutch for: stupid/annoying – of the Dutch magazine: Linda. The tut-tut/tutting in UK or tsk-tsk/tsking in US is the slight clicking sound you make with your tongue when you are annoyed, -impatient -or dissapprove of something. And I have this soooo many times! Especially since I live in London, constantly tutting away throughout the day… A tut-day. So I decided to share some TUT!’s that might relate to your daily struggle as a global citizen,

Asian inspired ‘Avocado on toast’

You may know by now that my recipes and anything that I cook are fairly easy and quick. When I am hungry; I want to eat, can’t be bothered to start a complicated 30min prep; 60min cook, meal. Also I am not really a “follow the recipe” kind of person; I have a look at what I need, what I roughly need to do, in what time-frame and then go my own way – not that it turns out that well all the time -.  So this morning I decided to go for my all-time favourite: Avocado on toast. The majority of the time when I make

Are you still blogging or wah?

Yea, I am – how bow dah? I know it has been pretty quiet on my website, whereas my Instagram has been active every day. The reason for this is because I have not really been anywhere for a solid review, or I simply just forget to write about it. Writing a blogpost dedicated to one slice of cake I ate is not that interesting if you ask me – unless you guys are interested in how every single bite of it was –. To be honest, financially

Phish & Chips

I am not the biggest fan of fish and chips, but sometimes you have that cheeky craving for it. The thing that I experience is that after I have demolished that big piece of fish and fatty chips, I immediately regret it – or just look at my tummy as if I gained an extra 10 kilograms. Since a little while I have been completely obsessed with the Vegan Burgers from Mooshies , they are located in Brick Lane in London and they do delivery as well with UberEats. When I stuff my face with their vegan burgers I feel less bad about it somehow – It is not exactly healthy, it is still fast food, but 100x better than an actual meaty burger. So one day I ordered their Fillet-om-phish burger: