“TUT!” #1 Public transport/Travelling

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Inspired by the “Stom!” series – Dutch for: stupid/annoying – of the Dutch magazine: Linda. The tut-tut/tutting in UK or tsk-tsk/tsking in US is the slight clicking sound you make with your tongue when you are annoyed, -impatient -or dissapprove of something. And I have this soooo many times! Especially since I live in London, constantly tutting away throughout the day… A tut-day.
So I decided to share some TUT!’s that might relate to your daily struggle as a global citizen,

10 tut-tut moments of the week:

1. When you have a snail in the shape of a human in front of you…
You are walking down the street in a fairly normal pace and all of a sudden there is this human-shaped snail in front of you who is ALSO walking in the middle of the path like they own the place. TUT!

2. …. Especially when there are TWO of them!!
Mega TUT!

3. When you just arrived at the underground platform and see that you have to wait five whole minutes for your next train …
If you are a Londoner, you will totally get this. We are so spoiled with trains that arrive every 2 -or 3 minutes, and when it takes 5 minutes for the next train? TUT!

4. When your ‘my location’ arrow on Google Maps doesn’t work properly …
You must have been in this situation at least once: The network on your phone is lacking, and you are lost, you try to use Google Maps but that damn ‘my location’ arrow isn’t accurate! Resulting in you twirling around like a little ballerina finding what way you’re actually facing. TUT!

5. When the traffic light switches to RED just when you wanted to cross the road, because it hates you… 
Whether you’re in the car, -cycling or walking, you see the green traffic light and JUST when you arrive it quickly switches to red as if it has its own little radar and judging you by your appearance, meaning you have to wait forever for your turn. TUT!

6. When it’s rush hour and you’re already a poor sardine sqeeuzed in a can-shaped tube and someone decides to jump in the moment the doors are about to close …
Where is the common sense? I’m already able to lift up both feet without falling down, and someone’s arm-pit dangerously close to my sensitive nose. But nooo~ you have to jump in anyway and have no time to wait for the next train that arrives in the next minute.. TUT!

7. When you are walking up the escalator and someone is standing on the lefthand-side.
The rule in London: when you are not walking up -or down the escalators, you have to stand on the righthand-side. Expect some major ‘Tutting’ when you do not obey this rule! TUT!

8. When someone decides to stand still in the middle of the walkway because they do not know where they’re going… 
Okay I get it, you don’t know the way, but do you REALLY have to do that in the middle of the walkway? Just move aside, please.. TUT!

9. When we all try to get in the tube, and someone skips the queue to squeeze in from the sides..
Look, we all need to get somewhere and we were polite enough to queue for it. Don’t be rude and sqeeuze yourself in via the sides. TUT!

10. When the Circle/District line decides to stop every single minute for nothing …
Ok, so most of the time it is for a red sign.. but come on, seriously Circle/Distric line? TUT!


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