Asian inspired ‘Avocado on toast’

You may know by now that my recipes and anything that I cook are fairly easy and quick. When I am hungry; I want to eat, can’t be bothered to start a complicated 30min prep; 60min cook, meal. Also I am not really a “follow the recipe” kind of person; I have a look at what I need, what I roughly need to do, in what time-frame and then go my own way – not that it turns out that well all the time -. 

So this morning I decided to go for my all-time favourite: Avocado on toast.
The majority of the time when I make Avocado on toast I add an poached -or sunny-side-up egg, and season it with lime, salt, pepper and spring onion. But actually my favourite combination is with sesame seeds and soy sauce! It isn’t anything new, and I did not invent it; I just love it.

Ingredients Tools
· 1 avocado

– Sesame seeds

· Small frying pan
· Spring onions

–  Soy sauce (we use the less-salt version with the green lid)

· Chefs knife
· Small chili pepper

– Salt & Pepper

– Fresh ginger -or spice

– (Optional) lime zest

What to do
Toast your bread in a toaster, and heat your frying pan with a teaspoon of sesame seeds – keep an eye on them, they roast pretty quick! -. Cut your chili pepper and spring onion in the size you prefer, just keep in mind that none should overpower the other.

Cut your avocado in half; length-wise following its pit. Now an easy trick to get rid of that pit is to slam your knife into pit – please be careful, though! You don’t need much strength to do so -, now your knife is stuck in the pit you can gently pull it out of the avocado and through it in the bin tadaa!
If your avocado is ripe enough you should be able to peel off its skin, if not; just use your knife or a peeler.

When your toast is ready and on your plate, put one half of the avocado on it. Now comes the fun part that will make it pretty!: make thin cuts in your avocado, not on its entire length, just leave the top whole. When you made cuts all way through you can gently lift it and spread the parts making it look like a hand fan – see the featured image -.

Add your chili pepper, spring onion and your roasted sesame seed. Season it with salt, pepper and ginger and sprinkle tiny drops of soy sauce. AND YOU’RE DONE

Could it be any easier? Maybe, but this heaven on toast takes me less than 10 minutes!


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