Salad with strawberries, halloumi, cucumber, walnuts and balsamic glaze

I can hear you thinking: ,,SALAD WITH STRAWBERRIES?!”, Yaas, my dear. And it is freakin’ delicious!

I came across a video on Facebook where thisvegetarian/vegan chef was making a salad with strawberries, basil and mozzarella, and I thought; hmm how 

interesting.. scratches chin. And thought to do my own little experiment, so I came up with this recipe: Salad with strawberries, halloumi, cucumber and walnuts, topped off with a balsamic glaze. Sounds good? You would like to give it a try? Here is what you need:

What you need (serving 2)

Ingredients Tools
·         Box of strawbeeries

·         Balsamic Glaze

·         Big salad bowl
·         Package of walnuts

·         1/2 cucumber

·         Salad cutlery
·       Block of halloumi

·         Basic spices (salt/pepper – ginger                   optionional)

·         Chef’s Knifes

·         A bowl or tin for rubbish

·         1/4 Red onion ·         Grill
·         Spring onions ·         Thin peeler
·         Rosemary (fresh or dried)
·         Package of mixed rocket leaves

What to do
It is literally super easy; chuck your leaves in the salad bowl, and heat your grill for the halloumi. Cut the spring onions and thinly cut the red union in quarter-sized rings – you could do any size you would like, but I recommend keeping the red onion very thin as the taste can be quite overpowering – .

I like my cucumber without its skin, use the thin peeler for this and cut very thin slices; you could do this keeping its shape whole, or cut them in half, as long as you keep it thin! Put a handful of walnuts in the bowl – here you can also decide if you would like to break them up a bit smaller or keep them whole -.

Cut the halloumi a bit thicker and in rectangle slices, make sure your grill is piping hot with a little bit of olive oil and grill your halloumi so it will have a slight caramelisation and the print of the grill on them. Once done you can put them aside to cool off a bit.

Now the strawberry bit, I do not have an exact measurement – I know, I am so helpful … –  but I would say around 6 medium sized strawberries would do the trick, and you can always add more of course if you think that tastes better! Slice them length-wise in even slices, and chuck them in your bowl as well – ’cause you know, everything has to go in that damn bowl, so you will see this word a couple of more times –.

You are almost ready for your gobble! It is time to spice things up: you do not have to use the spices/herbs i have mentioned, these are all my personal preferences. I have a standard set of spices that I use 9/10 times in any dish that I make and I bet you do as well. The trick for using the right amounts and/or right spices is thinking about the flavours; if it sounds like an odd-combination, it most of the time is. But as any professional chef would say: TASTE! TASTE! TASTE! and I always keep that in mind when I cook.
So when you are happy with the spice, drizzle some of the balsamic glaze on the top of your beautiful bowl of goodness like a professional and VOILA!

Yes, it is that easy. ENJOY



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