Are you still blogging or wah?

Yea, I am – how bow dah?

I know it has been pretty quiet on my website, whereas my Instagram has been active every day. The reason for this is because I have not really been anywhere for a solid review, or I simply just forget to write about it. Writing a blogpost dedicated to one slice of cake I ate is not that interesting if you ask me – unless you guys are interested in how every single bite of it was –.

To be honest, financially hasn’t been very great for the last 6 months either, and that is okay – I am not going too deep and personal about this as it isn’t something I would want to share publically –  But hopefully in a month or so it will be back to normal and I will probably feel a lot more motivated to try new places and write a review about it.

Of course it is not only reviews where I am blogging about, I had added some other topics as ‘Adventure time’, ‘Fashion & Beauty’, ‘Pillow Talk’ and ‘Recipes’. Very adventurous my life hasn’t been, maybe a bit of exploring around the area but again not much to blog about; I am also not a fashionista or beauty guru either, but sometimes there are some new trends/products that could be worth sharing – but again, there wasn’t much I could spend on .. –

Then Pillow Talk and Recipes; yes I cook quite frequently – but I always forget to make good pictures to make a good recipe for on my blog about it because I ate it  – it always looks way too good for me to take time making photos –. And I use the Pillow Talk category to talk about some random thoughts I have – which is always the case – but then forget to write about it either.


….Jeezz, I am such a shitty blogger :’) !


Cash me outside

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  1. First post I’ve read on your blog. And believe it or not – it makes me curious to read what you write when you think it worth while!

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