Phish & Chips

I am not the biggest fan of fish and chips, but sometimes you have that cheeky craving for it. The thing that I experience is that after I have demolished that big piece of fish and fatty chips, I immediately regret it – or just look at my tummy as if I gained an extra 10 kilograms.

Since a little while I have been completely obsessed with the Vegan Burgers from Mooshies , they are located in Brick Lane in London and they do delivery as well with UberEats. When I stuff my face with their vegan burgers I feel less bad about it somehow – It is not exactly healthy, it is still fast food, but 100x better than an actual meaty burger.

So one day I ordered their Fillet-om-phish burger: battered aubergine, Mooshies tartare sauce, nori seaweed, vegan cheese and lettuce … Ohhh how that burger rocked my world! It was like I was eating an actual fish burger, it was so delicious!

That burger inspired me to make a vegetarian version of the Fish & Chips: Phish & Chips.
Breaded aubergine, homemade tartare/remoulade sauce and sweet potato chips – all oven baked.

What you need (serving 2)

Ingredients Tools
·         1 Aubergine ·         Oven
·         Bread crumbs

·         White wine vinegar

·         Big bowls or Plates (I use two bowls and one plate)
·         1 or 2 sweet potatoes (depends on the amount of chips you prefer ·         Baking tray(s)

·         Oven grid

·         2 eggs ·         Kitchen towel (paper)
·         Flour ·         Fork
·         Rosemary (fresh or dried) ·         Chef’s knifes
·         Salt & black pepper ·         Thin peeler
·         (spicy) Paprika powder
·         1 Spring onion
·         ½ Red onion
·         Mayonnaise (I use extra light)
·         Mustard (whichever you prefer)
·         Pickle juice
·         Capers
·         Olive oil or coconut oil
·         Garlic
·         Finely grated parmesan cheese

What you need to do
First we need to get some moisture out of the aubergine as they contain 91% water, it would be a shame to have a soggy veggie-fish on your plate! Cut the aubergine in 4 big slices (length wise) and put them on an oven grid – put a deep tray uPhish and chips aubergine leakingnderneath to function as a leaking-tray –. Put some salt on top-and-bottom of the aubergine and place a heavy tray or plate on top. – I used a big heavy tray where I will bake the sweet potato-chips in. Multitasking! -. The salt will pull the moisture out of the aubergine, which is very important. This takes about 15 min, dry dip the aubergine with a kitchen towel now and then and flip them on the other side.

While you are waiting; preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius and you can peel the skin of your sweet potato and cut them in chips, I would advise to cut them about 1 cm thick. Put them in your tray and season the sweet potato chips with salt, pepper, paprika power and rosemary. Spoon tiny bits of Olive Oil or Coconut oil in between the chips – not too much! Otherwise they will get soggy –.

Pish and Chips sweet potato

Prepare your three plates or three bowls for breading: One with a good layer of flour, one with your breadcrumbs and one with your eggs which you have whisked up with your fork to one consistency.

Phish and Chips breading bowlsMix your finely grated parmesan with your breadcrumbs – I use about two table spoons. And mix some black pepper with your flour – for some extra flavour.

Now it is time for the fun part!
The trick is to use one ‘dry hand’ and one ‘wet hand’, this will prevent a lot of mess, haha.

  • * Grab your slice of aubergine and cover it in flour, make sure it is well covered
  • Take the floured slice of aubergine in your ‘wet hand’ and dip it in your egg mixture, also completely covered.
  • Let it leak a bit so it does not have a ton of egg all over it.
  • Now use your ‘dry hand’ again and cover your aubergine in the bread crumbs.
  • Take your time! You want the aubergine to be nicely covered in breadcrumbs like a little blanket.
  • Put your breaded aubergine on the oven grid again.

It’s time to put your aubergine and your sweet potato chips in the oven. I always put the chips on the bottom and the oven grid with the aubergine in the middle of the oven. This will give you a much better view when you are checking on them and it will prevent the chips to be finished earlier than your aubergine.

First set your timer on 10-15 minutes as you need to turn your aubergine and see how it is all going as every time can be different! Sometimes the chips are finished earlier than the aubergine, or the other way around, all depends on how thick you cut them!

Bake the aubergine till golden brown, and the chips till they get a bit wrinkly and nicely coloured .

The sauce
While the chips and the phish are baking in the oven, you can prepare your sauce. The easiest thing ever! I do not have the exact measurements as I make my sauces based on taste, it is important to taste everything you make, every time till you are happy with the outcome.

So what I do is: One unit of mustard = Two units of mayonnaise. Chop a teaspoon of capers – they don’t have to be finely chopped, it is more to open them up to maximise flavour –. Finely chop a small clove of garlic and put that in as well, add a table spoon of the pickle juice and mix it all together.

Too spicy because of the mustard?: Either add a bit more mayonnaise or a bit of olive oil.

Not tangy enough?: Add a bit of white wine vinegar.

Your Phish and Chips are ready to take out of the oven! While you let them cool down before service, quickly chop your spring onion and red onion for decoration.

Plate it up and dinner is served!


  1. Oh, my first thought may have been – why trying to copy non-veggie food when vegetables can be tasty enough in themselves? Reading your recipe, however, I got inspired. I couldn’t but surrender!

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