The most beautiful Nail files I’ve ever seen

Oh look at these products in my featured image above, I swear they look even prettier in person!
This is what I have received from the lovely team of Mont Bleu. They have recently approach me, introducing their products and asked if I would like to try them out. And of course I said I do!

As the curious person I am, I did my research of course as I was not familiar with Mont Bleu just yet. But they are quite well known in the nail industry, and now I understand why! Mont Bleu is a manufacturer of Czech made glass nail files, a Design Atelier who makes bijoux, decorates beauty products and gifts with Swarovski elements. They strive for quality and functionality, beauty and uniqueness with their hand crafted products.

Their online shop offers a wide range of nail-care products, but also jewellery, various accessories and make up brushes.

Keep reading as I have a little surprise just for you!

I was beyond excited when the post-man knocked on our door with my package in hand. I skipped like a little girl to the living room and without asking; A. knew exactly what it was, and shakes his head while he was working behind his laptop.
My-oh-my what was that box well taped! I tried to nip a corner of the tape with my nails, but it was almost mission impossible; scissors it is! I tried – and I failed. It was very tightly taped – which at least secured my package to stay put while travelling –, resulting in me grabbing my chef’s knife and teach that tape who’s boss.
montblue4The first item I unpacked were these nail scissors, they are quite heavy – it is made of very good material and really sharp! Perfect for my pesky toe-nails that once broken my £1,- Superdrug scissors. – too much detail? ah well.. – An item that will always come in handy, and will last for a lifetime.

The second item I unwrapped was this cuticle. A pretty purple glass nail cuticle, because of the black background I put it on it looks quite dark but it is completely transparent when holding it in the light. On one end it has a pointed edge to get to smaller corners and the flat-edged end to push back the nail cuticles for better finish when polishing or any other nail-art. My cuticles are quite short and barely need to be pushed back, except for when the weather changes; my cuticles get a bit dry or loosen up – if you know what I mean, don’t even know if there is a certain term/name for it? -.

And last but not least: the items I was most excited about, the glass files. to be honest, I was not expecting too much – receiving a glass file was already quite a gift! But it was in this beautiful purple and blue ombre and decorated with Swarovski crystals! AND I got THREE OF THEM! YAAS!
Montblue2They are stunning, I love purple and blue. I have never used glass nail files before because I am quite clumsy and scared to break them, but also because I felt like I did not really need them. But now I have them, I am beyond happy. All three of them come in a little dust-bag to protect these babies from damaging – Just what I needed – 

Alright, so the first time I used them I had a massive cringe-moment – you know that feeling when someone scratches their nails on a chalkboard -, this is mainly because I was not used to doing this myself; when I go to the nail salon and the specialist helps me I do not get that feeling like my neck is growing back into my spine. But after a few more times filing my nails it was all fine. Having three different sizes is very convenient especially for the toe-nails – bumping into the toe-neighbours and scratch some skin – and getting into the smaller corners for extra precision.

Overall satisfaction? 10/10. I will definitely be ordering more of Mont Bleu’s products!

Time for the surprise:

Get 20% off your order! 
Go to the Mont Bleu online shop – choose your products and use the code: BLOG

Would you like to partner up with Mont bleu? Get more information on their other website:

Or would you rather buy their products of Amazon? Then Click here for their collection on Amazon.



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