Easter treat: The Beauty Egg Collection

What better way than to treat yourself with THIS baby?

So this, ladies and gentlemen, is The Beauty Egg Collection from LookFantastic.com, isn’t it pretty?
When I saw some fashion/beauty (insta)bloggers such as Lydia E. Millen and Michaela making fabulous pictures on instagram with The Beauty Egg box in their lap I became one of those girls that makes that screamy/whale’ing oh-ma-gawd sound when seeing something they need to have.

(Unfortunately it is already sold out but you are able to order some of the products on the LookFantastic website.)

So when I saw the huge box on our table – Well, of course it was in this ugly delivery box – I was beyond excited, I dropped all my things and skipped like a little girl with the box that was half my size to the bedroom and humming a random song while ripping the life out of that delivery box on my bed.
TBE Layout
I had a little hallelujah -and moment of silence when I carefully laid down the box on the bed like it was a newborn.
The box is so beautiful, the Tiffany-ish coloured lid with the white ribbon and gold details on the body made it look like a million dollars.
When taking the lid off there are seven golden eggs each with a beauty product inside.
TBE Molton Brown

The first product, featured on the left is the The Molton Brown Bodywash.
This is the Pink Pepperpod 100ml, a moisturising bath and shower gel that is blended with pink pepperpods for antioxidant protection. It has a nice spicy -and fresh scent and makes me feel so clean! – which should be expected of a shower gel – it feels soft and leaves a subtle scent on your skin after a shower. I just love these kinds of spicy/herby scented shower gels. I am not really into flowery -or sweet smelling shampoos/shower-/bath products as I would feel like a walking candy jar or flowerpot – and it makes me feel bit nauseous – no thanks.. – so yea, I am very happy with the  Pink Pepperpod bodywash. And 100ml is not a lot, but I may get the full sized 300ml version after!
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
Next up is the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer
This is their Geranium & Neroli 75ml elasticizer that nourishes your hair and will leave it shiny and healthy without weighing it down. The scent is very subtle, citrus tones and hints of flower – not too much thankfully for the previously mentioned reasons –. I only used it once, but my hair felt very soft and it didn’t feel the product weighing my hair down, just like it promised! I would have to use it for a couple of months to see its full result, but happy so far! A big jar of 500ml will cost around £ 66,- which is actually a very good value since you only have to use a tiny blob once every -or every other week. It will last you for ages!
TBE Algenist cream
On to skincare: this is the GENIUS Ultimate anti-aging creamWell, first of all: I am only 24 and my first reaction was: ,,Girl, I ain’t need an anti-aging cream!” #snapping fingers. But I was still curious, because; why not slowing down the ageing process? This little wonder-jar smelled like it came straight from the beauty-clinic – that sterile scent you get when walking into a beauty salon that just opened their doors at 7am. And I have been using it since a week or so now: I have very dry skin – especially during this season – and previous weekend had amazing sunny weather which made it even worse! So it was time to try this baby out; I have to say that it is very hydrating, but my skin is very stubborn and will still have some dry spots a couple of hours after – I can also blame it on my sun-rash which is still recovering -. But just like the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer I should see results after a month or two – if I look 16, then it worked, not sure if that would make me happy, though -.
TBE Filorga Optim EyesNow, Let’s talk about those puffy dark circles, honey. We all go through the same; semi-swollen dark bags under the eyeballs after a long stressful day at work and a few hours of sleep.
Behold! the answer to your prayers: The Filorga Optim-Eyesit promises to reduce dark circles by promoting elimination of pigmented residues; powerful active ingredients that boost the venous and lymphatic – these are their words – circulation to reduce swelling in the lower eyelid; and anti-ageing ingredients I can barely type-let-alone-pronounce; anyway: it gets rid of those eyeball-bags. As you may have guessed: I am very sceptical, but I am always open to try. I have tried many products and tricks to get rid of those pesky puffy dark circles, but none really did much. This one may change my mind; I have been using it for over a week applying it every morning -and evening, it does get rid of the puffiness and makes my eyes feel more awake. They recommend keeping it in the fridge for ‘better results’ which I understand as the cold will help against the swelling. So yea, I am slightly convinced, but not completely! Let’s give it another month.
TBE Illamasqua
Moving on to make-up: I was quite excited when seeing this product is The Illamasqua Hydra VeilIt is a primer and hydrator in one. It smooths the skin and contains microalgae, vitamin C and B3. These wonderful ingredients will help your skin hydrate, feel calm and fresh. It is great as a base before using foundation but also on its own, as I am using it now – I don’t wear foundation –. The texture is a bit odd at first; dipping that little spatula in a gel, but once you apply it to your skin it smooths itself out like a cream. I am impressed! And the container looks so luxurious as well!
TBE Laura Geller Illuminator
Next up is the Laura Geller Baked Gelate Swirl IlluminatorLooks like a powder; feels like a cream. It promises to create a translucent wash of luminous colour that can be swept all over the face for a lit-from-within glow. Now, I have to say that I haven’t tried it out yet other than swiping it on my palm. It looks very pigmented to me and I have a feeling I will look like an oompa-loompa if I would put this all over my face. But then again; I have not fully tried it just yet. I think it would be nice as a highlighter for on your cheeks or brow-bone, the colour is pretty: Gilded Honey is the one I have here.

TBE Talika Brow pen
And last but definitely not the least! The Talika Lipsourcils Ink Brow PencilThe product I was most excited about.

Now I am not blessed with thick -bushy eyebrows, instead I have the more Asian-thin-hair kind of brows. Which has an advantage to it; I never have to pluck the hairs (ever!), I can play around with thickness/size/colour – not that I can go fully blonde or something -, but then again: I would never get out of the house without having them done with some make-up – One of my biggest insecurities! -. Anyway, the Eyebrow Lipocils Ink redifines or recolors the browline and increases fullness and naturally pigmented eyebrows. It is water -and smudge resistant! What. a. dreamand it works! Truly, it lasts all day; doesn’t smudge; I can swipe my finger across it and it doesn’t leave a mark on my finger … This product is literally what I have been looking for. I do have to say that I had to get used to it in the beginning when applying it – applied it way too thick! – but now I got the hang of it and it looks very natural. Talik, I am hooked!

So overall impression? I love it! I would normally never go for these products instantly, but having these test samples and getting to know these products was the perfect thing to do – and you get a stunning box with golden eggs to go with it! – 

A BIG thank you to LookFantastic.com for introducing it to us beauty-lovers and looking forward to more.


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