A taste of Scandinavia: Brunch at SMAKA

I have been following SMAKA on instagram for quite a while and I have experienced quite some support from them on my sociaI media as well, which I appreciate very much. I am still quite fresh in the (food)blogger scene – I only started in May ’16 – and I wish I had a better camera and all the money in the world to visit every single restaurant,- cafe,- and bar in London, but I will have to do it with my normal wage and my iphone for now. Maybe in the future I will have the privilege for at least a proper camera! It all takes time, and in the meantime; I will have to work a bit harder for recognition – and what is wrong with that? –.

Anywho …

Smaka promises food that is made from the freshest ingredients with a healthy Scandinavian twist. So what is holding you back? Nothing for me, just my busy schedule, but that day was the day. It was time for me to go and finally visit this Scandinavian pearl that is –  for London standards – a stone throw away from where I live. And as always, I was bringing my gobble-partner a.k.a boyfriend; A. with me.

When walking towards the restaurant, I was a bit confused at first of where the actual entrance was,- but that is also the clumsiness in me -, not saying it is hard to find at all, it was actually really easy… Look for the door with a handle, Romy, jeeezzz.

I walked in, and the first thing that caught my eye was this pretty corner. The colour scheme they used is exactly what I expected, maybe even better. I just love a Scandinavian-styled home/restaurant/cafe/anythingyoucanfurnish, I was greeted by a friendly face and she told me I could take a seat anywhere I’d like – Which is not a good thing in my case, as I am, next to being clumsy, also very indecisive – so after a look-around; a couple of times moving table; I told myself to be a normal person and just sit down -and stay at a bloody table.IMG_4744SMAKA

A. arrived short after and we were presented with the menu and both ordered a Chai Latte. We both have a thing for Chai Lattes, only I always ordered it with Soy -or Almond milk. Now, I am not a lactose-intolerant, thankfully, but they forgot to replace my milk for soy-milk, nevertheless it was still really good and it was served in a proper sized cup as well – I like!

The menu had a good amount of choices and it took me a while to finally decide what I would like to try – can I just have everything, please? – I eventually went for their ”Swedish Waffle with smoked salmon, sour cream & chives‘ and A. went for ”Savoury pancake with Tuna, mayo, red onion and capers”. A and I always have a little competition on who has the best dish, whenever we go out for food together – Of course I win 9 out of 10 times #brushes of shoulder- so the wait begins for our dishes to come out and who will wear the crown..
IMG_4857SMAKA Yep, you guessed it; mine looked best! And A. confessed that it indeed, looked much more exciting than his pancake, nonetheless, his Tuna Pancake was very tasty: not too much mayo, the tuna had the right amount of flavour and seasoning  and the pancake had the right consistency. Pancakes are very easy to make, but they can go either way; too thick or too thin. These were just right!

I loved the waffle, the shape made me think about the waffles my grandmother makes sometimes, but my grandmother’s has a more cookie-consistency as it is supposed to be eaten as a cookie. This waffle was very fluffy, still warm from the iron and the salmon tasted a 1000x better than the normal smoked salmon I buy in the supermarket – of course it would, but you just forget on how a good quality salmon tastes like – 

The staff is very friendly, but the only itty-bitty-criticism I have is a little bit more attention to empty cups/glasses. We are not heavy drinks or anything like that, but we could easily been sold more drinks. But that doesn’t matter to us that much, we need to come back for dinner!


Location 7,5
food 9/10
service 7,8
Price Quality value 8/10
TOTAL 8,10

SMAKA London 
77 Alie Street
London E1 8NH
Tel: 020 3358 0317

Opening times
8am – 4pm
Tuesday till Friday
8am – 11pm
 10.30am – 11pm


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