Lunch at Ottolenghi

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I am always craving for new flavours and new places, and the good thing about London is, is that it is a massive city with a restaurant,-pub or -cafe on every corner. Then it does make me think about how all these food places can survive with so much competition? I have been talking about this topic with people and the most, almost logical, answer to it is the amount of people that live in London.
According to the Office of National Statistics the population in London was a whopping 8.673.713 in 2015! – Damnnnnn –.

Anyway, let’s go back to the actual review, the reason you probably came here for.

It was on a Sunday where I looked at our staples at home and did not fancy anything that was in the fridge or in the cupboards – such a spoilt brat I am –, thankgod A. is a very easy convincing boyfriend and when I suggested to have breakfast out of the house he said ,,sure,” but then I am the one that can choose where to go, because A.’s standard answer when I ask him what he fancies is: ,,I don’t know, you choose, I am easy,” basically the most annoying answer there is, and he knows it…

I looked through my instagram and tripadvisor for some inspiration and came across Ottolenghi in Spitalfields, it had good reviews and it was fairly closeby. We did not feel like booking a table as we did not want to be stuck with a time while we are getting ourselves ready. The danger of that is that it can be fully booked, especially during weekends and everyone feels like going out for food on a lazy Sunday, but we gave it a try anyway.
So we got our asses in the bus towards Spitalfields and hunted for their location. It is really easy to find and stands out in the street with its wide -and large windows, and clear red sign. The benefit of a restaurant with large windows is that we could see that it was quite busy inside, and were doubting if they would have a spot for us.

When stepping foot inside, there was this tiny, unstable-looking stand with a laptop on it and a list – the reception –, a lady greeted us with a big smile and the only thing I could think of was the price of that Macbook that was living on the edge of that wobbly stand… The receptionist had to look into the system if they had a table and  lucky for us, they had a spot at the large white bar next to us, with comfy high chairs with back support – I am one of those that likes her chairs with back support like an old lady with back problems -. 
We sat down and the gentlemen behind the bar greeted us with yet another friendly smile and the menu was presented. An one page menu with very interesting flavour combinations, and their concept is to choose a main dish and combine it with two or three side salads. They all sounded amazing and we had difficulty deciding what to gobble, the bartender suggested us to have a look at the salads so we could see what it looked like, and so we did. The food was displayed on big plates on different levels – as you can see on the featured image above – , they all looked amazingly fresh and far from standard, it made our mouths water and did not make our decision any easier, I want everything!

ottolenghi bread.jpgWe sat down again and decided to start with some fresh bread with olive oil and a dribble of balsamico dressing. The bread was stunning, different cuts of bread and you could tell it was extremely fresh and home made, there was a cut of sour dough, one with pesto, another one with some parmesan I think, a wholegrain, and a sweeter one.

It was time to make a decision on what we would like to eat and I went for Sundried tomato & ricotta croquettes with basil & lime yoghurt, and A. went for the cod cakes with mint and tomato sauce, we shared our salads and chose for: roasted aubergine with cumin & coconut yoghurt, coriander, curry leaves & aleppo chilli; and Roasted butternut squash, fried kale, pistachio and ginger lime cream.

Forgive me as I did not make any photos of these dishes, such a shame for a food blogger like me! But it was delicious, so much flavour in all of them and wish there was more!
After the mains I could not resist than to try a dessertottolenghi dessert.jpg as well, I had a sneaky peek when we were browsing the salads and their dessert section is to die for. No one could resist that!

So I went for their Date, orange &
cake, as you can so on the photo here. It was massive and A. told me that there is no wayI could finish that on my own … Oh how wrong was he! I ate it all, and my tummy was the size of a three month pregnancy, but I had no regrets.


Location 8/10
food 9/10
service 8/10
Price Quality value 8/10
TOTAL 8,25

Ottolenghi Spitalfields
50 Artillery Lane
London E1 7LJ
Tel: +44 (0)20 7247 1999

Opening times
Monday to Friday

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  1. This restaurant is a favourite with my friend and chef Andy Baker. They have helped him and Barry Allard from The Feed, Norwich, helping the homeless and disadvantaged get back into work by teaching them the basics of cooking.
    Ottolenghi serve some amazing dishes and their use of flavours and textures leave your taste buds tingling.

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