Sweet potato facts

Fries, wedges, brunoise, whole; deep fried, pan fried, oven baked; do I need to say more?
There is no doubt about it that Sweet potato fries are a big trend and you can find them on almost every single menu in the city. I do not know when it started, I do not know when it will end, but I do know that I love it.b1038dd836b13ceed8450e0175481201.jpg

But how healthy are these orange coloured, -earthy, -oddly shaped veggies actually?
Here are some benefits:

  1. Sweet potatoes can have many varieties; from white to orange and even purple!
  2. Research suggests that sweet potatoes may reduce episodes of low blood sugar and insulin resistance in people with diabetes as they are low on the glycemic index scale (measurement carried out on carbohydrate-containing food on our blood sugar).
  3. Sweet potatoes are high in vitamin B6, it reduces chemical homocysteine that is linked to degenerative diseases including heart attacks.
  4. Sweet potatoes contain iron and sources of magnesium which supports your immune system and can even reduce stress!
  5. They are low in fat and cholestrol!
  6. The Vitamin A in sweet potatoes helps against sun damage and making your skin glow.

Sounds good right? But we have to look at some disadvantages too.Twice-Baked-Buffalo-Chicken-Sweet-Potatoes-1-copy.jpg

  1. Sweet potatoes contain quite some calories; a baked one contains 103 calories, and sweet potatoes fries 160 calories. Not impressed? Mashed sweet potatoes contain 258 calories per cup (!)
  2. Even though vitamin A is good for you, too much is never good news, it can even result in your skin and nails to turn yellow/orange

Ahhh, at least there are way more advantages about them! The calorie part of it? Who cares really, you should enjoy it just the way you like it, stick them in the oven, make some delicious mash out of them with some coriander and salt, maybe a creamy zesty sauce to go with it?

Toodle pip!


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