The best Sunday Roast? Brunch at Park Kitchen

After some  cry-worthy rainy -and cloudy days in London, the sun finally decided to come back to us for some last summer sunshine.
A. and I got up early to head to North West London for brunch at Park Kitchen and exploring Ikea afterwards. It would be quite a journey  for us- about an hour or so – and the tube lines around us were closed due to maintenance, but even having those minor issues the trip was almost smoothly: Just before Willesden Junction the train came to an immediate stop, the sun was shining bright into the cabins and the conductor told us that ‘hopefully’ we will be back to normal again soon as he had to reset the train – Did not know that the trains even had a ‘reset button’-. After about ten minutes and some sweaty backs from the burning sun we were back on a roll and literally just a couple of meters forward we arrived at Willesden Junction…

We have never been in this area before and it almost felt like we were on a holiday exploring a new town with Google Maps in our hands like tourists, but Park Kitchen was fairly easy to find, – about a ten minute walk from the tube station-, and its design stood out from the other pubs/bars/cafes in the area.

We were welcomed by the staff and could choose a seat; as the weather was really good we decided to sit in their outspark3ide area.

I really liked how they designed it, as the road next to it was quite busy you don’t want to feel like you are a part of the traffic when sitting outside which you see at most restaurants and cafes. It was almost like a conservatory you have at home – Is there an official English word for restaurants that have this? –.

The waitress that has been serving us, Mariana, was very lovely and gave us loads of recommendations; she told us to definitely try their Sunday Roast and that the beef was her favourite.
I never really had a Sunday Roast, but also felt it would be a bit much for me personally that day, whereas A. quite likes them but he does not go crazy about them as most British people do. Even said this; we embraced her recommendation and A. gave it a go. I on the other hand went for their ‘Buffalo Mozzarella with tomatoes and basil pesto on puff pastry tart’ and the ‘Crispy salad with avocado, blue cheese, walnuts, pear, black olives and honey dressing with freshly baked garlic bread’.

Of course we started with some drinks to wake us up a little. We had a night out the night before with enough alcohol running through our veins and I was in need of some vitamins and love fresh pressed juices and smoothies, so I went for the Beetox, with beetroot carrot and apple, and A. loves his Bloody Mary’s, especially as a hangover cure – beating the alcohol with more alcohol -. I do not like Bloody Mary’s at all, but always give it a try whenever A. orders it, and I must say: This Bloody Mary was actually quite nice! – but I will still not order it -. #See featured image

After a short wait, our food arrived and it looked fabulous!  Everything was very flavoursome and a good amount.


A. told me: ,,This is one of the best Sunday Roasts I had in a long time,” , And you know that we are quite the food loving people and have our fair amount of experience -and being spoiled with good food – Food snobs much? –.
The only tini-tiny thing I would have liked more in my Crispy Salad was blue cheese, but I just love blue cheese so it should not be something to be dissappointed about! The salad was indeed crispy, the garlic bread really add something to the dish and the puff pastry was spot on. Mozzarella can be quite bland, but the buffalo mozzarella on my tart was from a very good quality and you can definitely taste that!

So YES we had a lovely time, the staff is really friendly and laid back, up for a chat anytime and great recommendations, we want to come back for more. Even though it is a bit of a journey for us to get there, it was worth the travel and we would do it again:
A. wants more Sunday Roasts and I would love to try more of their cocktails …. and gobble the whole menu.

Highly recommended.


Location 6/10
food 9,3/10
service 8/10
Price Quality value 8/10

1 Manor Park Road
NW10 4JW, London

Opening times
Monday – Friday: 11 am to 11 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 11 pm
Sunday: 10 am to 10 pm

020 3771 9828
Online – Website
Open Table

Willesden Junction (Overground – Bakerloo Line)

A. Manor Park Road: 18, 220, 260, 266
B. High Street: 187, 206, 226
C. Park Parade: 187, 206, 226
X, Y. High Street – Jubilee Clock: 18, 220, 260, 266

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Little bonus: I love their toilet sinks.park4.jpg

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