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Even though I love traveling, I feel like I didn’t really been doing it a lot. There is so much to see and when I see the photos and status updates from people I know who are about to go on their own adventure, it makes me a bit jealous.

We are planning on traveling through Asia in September 2017, first with my parents; brother and some cousins to a small island were our grandfather was born – Super exciting! –. And from there we will problably go our own way and explore, but the question then will be: Where?

Outside of Europe I have been to Indonesia with my family and stayed at the family that lived there, which was an amazing adventure, and went to Mexico with the family as well. Other than that; only been through some countries in Europe, but I want more.
We are thinking on making our way up from Ambon towards Hong Kong. Maybe head to Bali, Singapore, Thailand, nothing is certain yet. We still have to properly sit down and figure out what we would like to see and what we can spend, the flights will be the most expensive but doable! We do not want to go too touristy, staying in big hotels where everyone is from all over the world except for the natives. So hostels can be a good idea, I think?

I made this blogpost to share it with you, but also in the hope for some great tips you may have for us?
What places we should visit, where not to go; anything else!

Toodle pip!



  1. @exquisiteemmalisa Aah love it! Yea I notice that most people (incl. me) take Europe ‘for granted’, We can travel to so many different countries just in a couple of hours and with an easy access. I love London so much, and like you said; its rich history is amazing. I should travel a bit more in the UK itself als a newbie brit :’) !


  2. I wrote a post called “A list of travel dreams” – one of my favourite posts I have ever done, and I am currently living in Perth, Australia. I’m an aussie wannabe brit!!! hahahhaa I am DYING to do Europe, especially England because of all the rich history, plus family history! Cheshire is my main goal, because my ancestors originated from there – there is absolutely SOOOO much to learn, explore and discover. I can’t WAIT for the day I see Tatton Park and Arley Hall with my OWN eyes !!!!! ESPECIALLY Buckingham Palace… hehehehe I have become a royal lover….. ❤

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  3. Peru. I lived there as a kid and — in spite of the crushing poverty — it was beautiful and awe-inspiring.

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