Mussels, mussles, mussles: Belgo’s Holborn

Do you love mussels? We do!

A. told  me about Belgo before when he visited their location in Holborn with friends. And of course wanted to take me here as well.
So that day came to have a dinner date with a pint of Belgian beer and a big bowl of mussels – Romantic eh? -.

Belgo Bar & Restaurant have various locations in London: Centraal, Soho, Noord, Holborn, Bromley and Nottingham,- Holborn is the closest location for us as we can feel a bit lazy sometimes to travel longer than half an hour from home – We already sigh when having to wait for five whole minutes at the tube station, haha – But even said that; for good food, we are willing to travel to the other side of London!

Belgo started with the vision to bring Belgian beer on the map in London; who doesn’t love Belgian beer? I certainly do! They soon became well known for serving one of the widest collections of Belgian beer in London.

The restaurant itself is in my opinion a lot bigger than I thought! A very industrial style which is different than what you would expect near Covent Garden, but I was loving it. It was almost like you were about to visit a Brewery.
We were greeted by friendly hosts and were guided to our table, a nice sofa seat – I love sofa seats –. The friendly waiter handed us the menus and of course I immediately had a peek at their beer selection as there is one ultimate favourite beer out there I was craving: Triple Karmeliet, and YAAS! They had it, when I ordered the beer the waiter complimented me on my good taste – Thank you, thank you – and A. went for his favourite; Duvel. After ordering I of course had a hard time choosing what I would like to eat, everything looked amazing, they have a wide variety that can please anyone for fairly good prices.
We eventually went for some starters, but our mission was to get our hands on these amazing mussels they are serving. I eventually wanted to keep it simple and ordered the Herb & Garlic and A. went for the Chipotle, we decided to get a big bottle of La Chouffe beer to share as well – can it get any more perfect? –

And how we enjoyed this dinner! The mussels were perfectly cooked, the flavours were on point and accompanied with the beer and some crispy chips we were in food heaven.

Take me back pleaaaase 


50 Earlham Street, WC2H 9LJ
020 7813 2233 –

Opening times
Monday – Thursday: Noon to 11 pm
Friday – Saturday: Noon to 11.30 pm
Sunday: Noon to 10.30 pm

29-31 Old Compton Street, W1D 5JR
020 7437 7284 –

Opening times
Monday – Saturday: Noon to Midnight
Sunday: Noon to 11.30 pm

67 Kingsway, WC2B 6TD
020 7242 7469 –

Opening times
Sunday – Wednesday: Noon to 11 pm
Thursday: Noon – midnight
Friday – Saturday: Noon to 1 am

I only gave you the details of the three most central ones, but if some of the other locations is closer to you, take a look at their website for more info!


Toodle pip!


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