What’s in our fridge?

Ok, I am sorry and I know I had promised to post every Thursday and Sunday. But yesterday was my day off as I work most weekends and finally had a whole day to spend with A.!
We went for a cycle through Hackney Wick, had brunch at The Breakfast Club there – Another tick off the list! (see The Breaky Club one of my first posts) – and it was delicious!! If you follow me on my instagram you have probably seen what I ate there – I’m hungry again –.

Today is another day off for me and it was time for me to do some groceries at my favourite supermarket: Lidl, I grabbed the big backpack from A. to bring with me as it fits more things in it than my own.
Normally I do weekly grocery shopping on Sundays, but as I previously mentioned; A. and I had our ‘full-day date’ and did not want to spend time doing daily chores. My routine in the Lidl- or in any other supermarket – I walk through every aisle, this lowers my chances of forgetting something where I am an expert at; coming home and realising I forgot something …

Back in Uni I used to do this routine with my friends – my homies B. and L. – all the time, now and then an other friend came with us and walked everywhere; we then slapped them on the knuckles like a parent and tell them that they have to follow the routine – Ok, we weren’t that bad – but we convinced them to stick to the routine and they eventually did, haha! And we only did the routine when doing weekly groceries, when we just needed a thing or two, we knew exactly where to find it. Believe me it is a good tactic: the chance that you forget a product/ingredient is very likely and eventually you will know the supermarket inside-and-out like you own the place.

So I did my weekly shopping and the weight of my backpack would be qualified for military training, but it is only a five minute walk back so I managed and was very proud of myself when coming home – workout for the day is done -. I packed the fridge and when I looked at it I thought: “Why not make a blogpost out of it?” I wasn’t sure if this would interest you, if you even care what is in my fridge, but hey, let’s see how it will turn out.

It is not the most beautiful-most-amazing fridge you have ever seen, but I am just a normal person with a normal flat and a normal fridge. Of course I dream about the two-door matte black fridges you see on tv, you know those ones with an ice-cube maker?maybe one day..
Back to topic: A. and I have changed our diet and want to eat more healthy; more veggies, and as you know I want to cut out meat as much as possible and luckily A. wants to do that too. Ever since I have managed to cut it out more and more, and eating more vegetables, I do see changes in my health; my skin looks better and my stool has also improved! – a personal fact about me: I did not really have a consistent stool and had some problems in the past with it as well, so the improvement is a big thing for me –.
Of course having a healthy diet does not always have to mean that you only have to eat vegetables and not enjoying life, saying ‘no’ to all the snacks out there or dinner parties. No, no no , that is such a bad approach that most people have! You CAN have that greasy over-the-top burger from that food stand you love so much, you CAN eat that cheeky chocolate -and caramelbar that keeps looking at you in the cupboard! I honestly believe it is about the right balance. I have read so many articles and researches, seen so many videos about what ‘a healthy diet’ actually is, and you hear so many people that are torturing themselves by thinking all these carbs are bad for you; carbs are not your problem.

Balance is key

Try to build it up, there are dozens of healthy and nutritious recipes on the internet and do not consume too much of your time. You can have a healthy meal in 15 minutes if you want to! Try using more fresh products, instead of ready-to-eat meals, use a different kind of baking/frying product. We use coconut oil instead of butter or baking oil, that only makes a huge difference already! Drink more water and cut out soft drinks, most fruit juices supermarkets sell have huge amounts of sugar in them.

In our fridge we have loads of veggies: peppers, garlic, courgettes, cucumbers, tomatoes, rocket, cale, slaw, onions – yes I know onions aren’t supposed to be in the fridge but we have them there -, chillies and herbs. We always have some grated cheese for lasagnes or pastas, butter for when we fancy some on a sandwich and a low-fat cream cheese for sauces or as a spread. Some salmon fillets, smoked salmon and king prawns, a bottle of wine and beer, some squash when we fancy a sweet drink from time to time and a glass bottle of San Pellegrino we fill up with fresh water every day.
On the top shelf we have low fat mayonnaise – because I love my mayonnaise with chips or as a base for sauces – a jar of gherkins and olives, sweet chili sauce, sambal and maple syrup. Some greek yoghurt we mainly use to also make dressing or as a cheeky snack with some nuts and honey.

In the end it is up to you what you decide to put in your body, nobody should tell you what you can -and cannot eat. But you can always be open to new ideas and advice, what you do with it is up to you.

Toodle pip!

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