Loving the area that I live in

Yesterday was a beautiful day in London, having evening shifts all week I could enjoy the weather for the entire day. A. has a 9 am to 6 pm job and we decided to meet up for lunch as we barely get the chance to see each other as my job starts at 6 pm.

We recently discovered a Lidl quite near us, I was so happy when we found it. It is cheap, and the products have a good quality, especially for the price you are paying! I used to be doing groceries at Lidl all the time with my friends back in Uni; mark this:
A week worth of groceries at Sainsbury’s used to cost me around 47,- pounds. A week worth of groceries at Lidl costs me 24,- to 28,- pounds! 

Ofcourse I am very aware of what I will be buying and for what price, trying to be as cheap-ass as possible. So YES it is possible to cut down your expenses on groceries… LIDL ROCKS!

Okay, back to the actual post;

I went to the Lidl to buy some bread rolls for our lunch and decided to walk across the canals to Wapping. I am not really a person that always enjoys walks and normally go for tubes and Ubers, but this time it was time for me to work those legs and walk towards Wapping. Oh and how I enjoyed this! The sun was out,- clear blue sky,- loads of people going for a run or with the canoe,- I had my earplugs in with somcanal1.JPGe relaxing music and at that point I felt so lucky that I live in this beautiful and peaceful area in London. It is not even that far from central, only about 10 minutes by tube.

Okay, so the water on the photo here is very green, that is algae and it has been pretty bad the last few weeks, it not only looks disgusting, but it is also very unhealthy for the fish and the ducks. If there is too much algae, the fish can literally suffocate as it shuts down the waters’ oxyge;, for ducks it is not too bad, like a floating salad bar, but I can hardly imagine that these large amounts of algae can be that healthy for them either.

canal2.JPGSo I walked down this path across the canal and eventually end up at the Limehouse Basin. A beautiful place in my opinion with the boats there and the buildings surrounding it. From here you can walk down to the River Thames Path, here you will come across loads of runners and cyclists., and I don’t blame them for being here; barely any traffic and a great route.


If you keep following this path you will end up in Wapping, I really like this area as well, feels like you are in a whole different city with its cobbles and apartments. One of the oldest pubs of London is also located there called ‘The Prospect’, a big tourist attraction. The pub itself is very pretty as well and has a outside terrace where you can enjoy a pint of beer with a riverside view.

A. and I sat down on a bench near the park with the fresh bread rolls I just bought and the Thames in front of us. It felt like a holiday, even though it was not and had to go back in reality soon after.

I hope this summer will last a bit longer as Autumn and Winter are lurking around the corner..


Toodle pip!


  1. Nice pictures! Being outdoors, in nature are such wonderful/happy times. Pity we(myself included!) seem to choose constantly surrounding ourselves with man made walls instead. Great post!

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  2. The Algae you mean? Yea it is bright green, but loads of people also dump their rubbish in the canals, which I can’t stand… It seems ok here but some spots are loaded with plastic bottles, cans, even rubbish bags! It was less bad today as there was more stream and the water had the opportunity to ‘breathe’

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