Amazed at Noodle street

It was a Tuesday evening and we planned to go on a ‘quadruple cinema date’ with the group, have dinner near the cinema and watch Suicide Squad after. Some of the group have been to Noodle Street before and recommended it to us, so we gave it a try.

For us it was not a long walk, Noodle Street is located in Westferry (DLR) near Canary Warf as well. As one of the group said when we walked in the street seeing their sign: ,,Makes me think of Sesame Street,” – It was more about their small sign you see in the photo above -, well at least it is recognisable!
A couple of our friends were already sitting down, and as I have not seen them for a while they greeted me with a big hug and a ‘welcome!’ as I am officially a London citizen now.

noodlestr3.JPGWe sat down and their mats were the menu at the same time; as you can see on the left photo here it was massive! So many dishes, it would take me a fair amount of time as a waitress to memorise that monster! – anyway – the girls and I tried one of their fresh juices: Apple, Lime & Mint, just to start it off, it sounded refreshing and I was quite thirsty. When our drink first hit the table it looked a bit odd: greenish water with a layer of green foam on the top –  Well obvious to say that we had to stir it before taking a sip -, I honestly expected it to be too watery and  blend, but it was really good! The zest from the apple and the lime against the freshness of the mint; I was sold.

So now back to the hard part: What shall I eat??, there were so many things to choose from, and it all sounded very good. There are also enough options for vegetarians –  Not sure about vegan choices – as I am slowly building steps towards vegetarianism as you could have read in one of my older posts: Being a Occasionaltarian; steps towards veganism? It is going quite well with that by the way, I can be kind-of-considered as a Pescatarian that is someone who does not eat meat, but still eats fish. I would still call myself an occasionaltarian, occassionally eating meat – I introduced this weird word in that same post, but I find it quite fitting and also easy to say instead of claiming ‘to be’ a pescatarian or vegetarian and when people see me gobbling a piece of meat or fish; point their fingers at me with an expression of ‘I thought you were a pescatarian/vegetarian!’. 

That evening I decided to embrace my occassionaltarian within me and went for the Crispy Aromatic Duck with Noodles dish, so did my boyfriend, we also decided to share starters: Soft shell crab tossed with chili, garlic and spring onions and Wasabi Prawns delicate prawns in batter glazed in a wasabi and mayonnaise sauce topped with sesame seeds, does that not make your mouth water?? Mine is.

The others went for some other noodle dishes such as the Mixed vegetable fried noodles, Ebi Katsu Curry, Vegetable spring rolls, Steamed pork bun and so many more, I feel quite bad that I did not make a photo of the whole table, but I also did not want to be that person who stops everyone from eating to make a damn foodie picture, haha. I calmed  myself down and left it with my own dishes and the dishes from my boyfriend as we sat opposite of each other

Left is the soft shell crab starter and on the right the wasabi prawns, they were delicious! If you follow me on instagram, you must have seen my video post where my crispy duck noodle dish has also been featured in a short film: Click here to check it out and don’t forget to follow if you haven’t already!

Oh and to top all this, as the photos and this whole post makes me want to go back again, it was quite cheap for London standards!! The bill at the end of the night was around a 100,- pounds, with eight people, and believe me we were stuffed! bit scared to fall asleep once we sit down at the cinema.. Luckily we didn’t but we were close to do so.

After the movie Suicide Squad my artistic side was quite inspired by the character Harley Quinn, I have always found her an interesting character in the comics and cartoons of Batman, so on a quiet day at work I grabbed pen and paper and made a quick doodle based on her:


Noodle Street
15-17 Pennyfields, Docklands
E14 8HP, London

Opening times
The entire week from 11.30am to 11pm

Additional info
Also Take away service!

Toodle pip! 


  1. Quadruple date, lol oh my… occasionaltarian, very unique. You have a clever style of writing, which I find refreshing. Keep up the good work! If I were an editor for a food magazine I would hire you

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