Wine and cheese, yes please! Gordon’s Winebar

Do you love wine? Do you love cheese?
Well, Gordon’s Wine bar is my favourite place to go to when I fancy an evening like that!

It has become a ‘tradition’ of my friends and I to go to Gordon’s Wine bar whenever I came to London for a visit, but now I am officially a London citizen now, it is just a favourite spot to visit now and then.
As much as I love to go here, I want to keep my visits a bit low as I associate Gordon’s Wine bar with ‘special occassion’ – and I think my purse agrees as well – not that it is expensive, not at all! – For the quality of wine and nibbles you can get there the prices are pretty fair! But I know myself and I know my friends; whenever we are together for a drink and a nibble; it will not be a cheap night. – You know where I will be when I am rich – 

Gordon’s Wine bar is established in 1890 and one of the oldest – if not the oldest – wine bar in London or maybe even one of the oldest in the world, Luis Gordon discovered the bar and took it over in 1975. The current Gordon Family that own the bar are not related to the original Angus Gordon, a lucky coincidence as they could maintain the Gordon name. The winebar is owned by Wendy Gordon, the wife of the much loved Luis Gordon and now overseen by Luis’ eldest son Simon.

The bar is loved by many; young and old, you will find almost any type of people here – as long as they love wine – Most of the bar staff have been there for years, which is also something that adds up to its atmosphere seeing regular faces, like you are visiting a family home.
You can find and read more about its history here and an awesome timeline here! Very interesting 

I will warn you though: go early and have patience!, the wine bar is very popular and always fully packed. With a bit of patience and eyes of a hawk; you will eventually get a spot.

I have been inside once, but normally get a spot on their terrace which has heaters too when it gets a bit chilly at night, but you should have a look inside if you can! It is like you are going back in time, stepping into a wine cellar, always fully packed and a queue for the bar to get the wine, a good atmosphere and everyone is in a good mood.
When you step in, you see the food section on your right with amazing cheeses, meats and salads. We normally go for the same cheeses: Smoked Conté, Stilton and a soft mild cheese, you get big chunks of baguettes on a wooden board and we always get an extra small plate where we add onion chutney, cranberry chutney and some gherkins. On the photo above you can see that we got some paté, serrano and scotch egg as well. – Ugh I am getting hungry again when looking at it –

For wines, they have an amazing collection – normally we go for red wine, but as I brought my parents here recently and my dad is not that fond of red wine, we got white wine instead. – I highly recommend the red wine ‘Fat Bastard’ yes, a very interesting name, but this wine is our absolute favourite! We really should try some other red wines too as there are so many more amazing wines waiting to be tasted.

I don’t think I need to tell you much more about Gordon’s Wine barjust GO! I know you will love it and maybe we will meet each other there one day …

47 Villiers Street, London, WC2N 6NE
Closest station: Embankment

Opening times: 
Monday till Saturday from 11 am to 11pm
Sunday 12am to 10pm

Book a table? 
No, first come, first serve! They do take reservations for at least 8 people, you can find more information here

See you soon! Toodle pip!



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