Craving good coffee: visiting Husk Coffee

My shift starts at 7 am, meaning I have to get out of my warm nest at 5 am, get my bum out the door at 6 am and work till around 1 pm-ish. Yea that is early, so it often results in drinking quite some coffee during the shift.

The people that know me, do know that I am actually more of a tea person, drinking green tea all day long – Earl Grey or Rooibos now and then – and when eating out I always order fresh mint tea with some honey. But sometimes I can really enjoy coffee too, and when I drink coffee; I want good coffee; and with that I mean strong coffee. I noticed that here in London the most common type of coffee is ‘instant coffee’, British Coffee Association states that: 74% of the adults in the UK drink instant coffee whereas 48% prefers fresh coffee (ground/full bean coffee or pads), and I am one of that 48%.
Instant coffee is okay.. so so.. but not something I am willing to pay almost three pounds for…

Husk Coffee is quite close from where I live, but I have never been. A. –my boyfriend- has been a couple of times whenever he felt like being productive and did not want to stay at home, he quite enjoys it and told me that the coffee there is also really good.
So after work, and craving for coffee; I tried to choose whether:

  1. I drink coffee at home, because it is free. But it is instant coffee.
  2. I try Husk out, because it is good quality coffee, but have to spend money

I was still in two minds when arriving at Limehouse station and crossed the road. I looked at the entrance and they had a kind of sign at the front saying: Events at Husk or something like that, and one topic stated: ‘Yoga Classes’. Alright, I am quite into Pilates, but never really did yoga, nor am I that interested in it, but I decided that these ‘Yoga Classes’ will be my excuse to walk in and try their coffee – Makes sense


The front of the cafe has windows from top to bottom and a glass door. It is spacious and the furniture has different shapes and sizes; think of different types of chairs, -big, -small,- hard material,- soft material; different types of tables. It would say it has a modern interior, yet -vintage ? It is inviting anyway and has a good vibe overall. It was also bigger than I thought, more space in the back with bigger tables where I saw loads of people with their laptops and wearing headphones, or reading a book. I almost felt going home and grab my laptop to join everyone.

I walked towards the cashier and asked if they had soy milk, the lady told me that they do have soy milk and almond milk – pingpingping! bonus points –, so that took me a bit by surprise as I am used to getting a ‘No, we do not have that’ for an answer, so after a short thought –that felt like minutes – I ordered a Soy Flat White. Oh and I asked about the yoga classes –I eventually was slightly interested –, but she told me that they do not do yoga classes at Husk anymore, but there was a folder at the table that gave information about the yoga classes that are held in the area.

I grabbed the folder and sat down, and couple of minutes later my soy flat white was served. And as seen on the featured photo above, it looked pretty and it was delicious! Strong, good quality coffee as I like to drink it! I was happy.

I had a little peek at their menu as well – like the foodie that I am – and it looks promising, so I definitely come back to try these out!

Husk Coffee -Creative Space
649-651 Commercial Road
Limehouse, London
E14 7LW

Open Tuesday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, 
Saturdays from 10am to 5pm

Toodle pip!


  1. Mmmmm … that looks as delicious as it is beautiful! So glad you found a place that does have soy milk — and for the reminder that life really is about appreciating the small pleasures. Cheers from across the pond!

    Liked by 1 person


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