Month: August 2016

What’s in our fridge?

Ok, I am sorry and I know I had promised to post every Thursday and Sunday. But yesterday was my day off as I work most weekends and finally had a whole day to spend with A.! We went for a cycle through Hackney Wick, had brunch at The Breakfast Club there – Another tick off the list! (see The Breaky Club one of my first posts) – and it was delicious!! If you follow me on my instagram you have probably seen what I ate there – I’m hungry again –. Today is another day off for me and it was time for me to do some groceries at my favourite supermarket:

Loving the area that I live in

Yesterday was a beautiful day in London, having evening shifts all week I could enjoy the weather for the entire day. A. has a 9 am to 6 pm job and we decided to meet up for lunch as we barely get the chance to see each other as my job starts at 6 pm. We recently discovered a Lidl quite near us, I was so happy when we found it. It is cheap, and the products have a good quality, especially for the price you are paying! I used to be doing groceries at Lidl all the time with my friends back in Uni; mark this: A week worth of groceries at Sainsbury’s used to cost me

Amazed at Noodle street

It was a Tuesday evening and we planned to go on a ‘quadruple cinema date’ with the group, have dinner near the cinema and watch Suicide Squad after. Some of the group have been to Noodle Street before and recommended it to us, so we gave it a try. For us it was not a long walk, Noodle Street is located in Westferry (DLR) near Canary Warf as well. As one of the group said when we walked in the street seeing their sign: ,,Makes me think of Sesame Street,” – It was more about their small sign you see in the photo above -, well at least it is recognisable! A couple of our friends were already sitting down, and as I have not seen them for a while they greeted

Wine and cheese, yes please! Gordon’s Winebar

Do you love wine? Do you love cheese? Well, Gordon’s Wine bar is my favourite place to go to when I fancy an evening like that! It has become a ‘tradition’ of my friends and I to go to Gordon’s Wine bar whenever I came to London for a visit, but now I am officially a London citizen now, it is just a favourite spot to visit now and then. As much as I love to go here, I want to keep my visits a bit low as I associate Gordon’s Wine bar with ‘special occassion’ – and I think my purse agrees as well – not that it is expensive, not at all! – For the quality of wine and nibbles you can get there the prices are pretty fair! But I know myself and I know my friends; whenever we are together for a drink and a nibble; it will not be a cheap night. – You know where I will be when I am rich –  Gordon’s Wine bar is established in 1890 and one of …

Craving good coffee: visiting Husk Coffee

My shift starts at 7 am, meaning I have to get out of my warm nest at 5 am, get my bum out the door at 6 am and work till around 1 pm-ish. Yea that is early, so it often results in drinking quite some coffee during the shift. The people that know me, do know that I am actually more of a tea person, drinking green tea all day long – Earl Grey or Rooibos now and then – and when eating out I always order fresh mint tea with some honey. But sometimes I can really enjoy coffee too, and when I drink coffee; I want good coffee; and with that I mean