Food from the streets, a feast for the tummy: Street feast London


It has been a little while since I have posted a blog, and I am sorry – AGAIN -, as some of you already knew; I was in the middle of immigrating in London. My parents and my brother have been staying with us for a couple of days and we have been in adventure mode the whole time.
A. and I showed them some places we love to go in London when we are together and one of them is: Street feast. 

Street feast is a night market on 4 locations in London: Dalston Yard (Dalston), Dinerama (Shoreditch), Hawker house (Canada Water) and Model Market (Lewisham). It is founded by Dominic Cools-Artique around 2010 if I am correct, and it has been popular ever since with 1000s of people standing in a massive queue every week to hang out with their friends in an amazing atmosphere with music, booze and food – for a little background story about the founder click here -.

Wood pigeon kebab with pickles, hot sauce and hand made organic flatbread from Eat Native

If you have been following me on my Instagram, you probably  noticed that many pictures I have uploaded there are made at Street Feast. I just adore that place and always recommend friends and family to pay a visit. A. and I have been so many times; every time I came to London to visit him we dedicate an evening to be at Street feast for a ‘gobble date’ as we like to call it,- because seriously – you are gobbling here till you cannot walk any more.

The whole atmosphere here is so lively, everyone is in a good mood and you have something in common with everyone: The love for food..



Although absolutely EVERYTHING is good here, I do have some favourites: Above you see Wingtings from White Man Can’t Jerk –Interesting name, I know –, these babies are HOT, they have some serious seasoning going on there and if you like it as hot as I do, you can get some hot sauce with it and some marinated chilies and boy oh boy those are serious business! Maybe it can be a cheeky challenge with your friends to see who can handle the heat.

The photo below are Yum Buns, soft steamed buns with a flavoursome filling with all the elements you need: Soft texture, crispiness, salty, sweetness, and a kick. You can choose three type of yum buns, the most regular three are: Pork bun, Mushroom and Ice cream bun. Well sorry but I hate mushrooms, there is something about the texture and taste I find repulsive, so never tried that bun before. The pork bun is a-mazing! Tender pork belly with a hoisin sauce and some herbs – Unfortunately I cannot eat this anymore after I discovered my slight intolerance for pork meat –. The ice cream bun is interesting, but not on my favourite list.
They have some other yum buns now and then such as Duck and Prawn. Just give it a try, I guarantee you that you will love it as much as we do!


Unfortunately I do not have photos of all my favourites, because sometimes you just have to enjoy the evening and the gobble without your phone out constantly, haha.
Bleecker Burger, ChinChin Labs and B.O.B’s Lobster are highly recommended.

I am not saying that these are the best, better than all others, because that is not true! These are my personal favourites and there are so many other traders and bars you have to visit when you are there!

If I did not convince you yet, than I am sorry-not-so-sorry to say that you are not a foodie…

Street feast London opening times:

Dalston yard:  Every Friday 5pm to late – Every Saturday noon to late.
Hawkerhouse: Every Friday 5pm to late – Every Saturday noon to late.
Model Market: Every Friday 5pm to late – Every Saturday noon to late.
Dinerama: Thurday to Sunday noon to late.

Toodle pip!


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