I do not like the word ‘Goodbye’

,,A goodbye opens new doors,” that is what my aunt said to me, which I found a very beautiful thing to say, well she said it in Dutch which I personally think sounded way better: ,,Een afscheid opent nieuwe deuren.”

If you have been following me for a little while – This blog is still very fresh as I started only three months ago –, you probably have read in A step towards emigration that I was preparing myself to permanently move to London instead of frequent visits to be with my boyfriend.
Well, tomorrow that day I have been waiting for, for two years is finally there.

As exciting that new adventure is,it meant saying goodbye to my friends and family too. Which is quite hard for me as I am very attached to them all. But at the same time, it was not. While I was having these ‘goodbye dinners and meetups’ with friends and family, I expected to cry my eyeballs out; I didn’t. Not that I didn’t care; but the fact that London is only an hour by plane and social media allows you to stay in contact easily, reassured me I think.
Visiting each other still asks for some planning in advance and asking days off, but England to The Netherlands is not the same as America, Australia or somewhere else outside of Europe, where it could have meant that I will only see my friends and family once in a couple of years – Don’t think I could handle that -.

Everyone is so supportive of this big step I am taking, and I feel very lucky for it too. I also got the confirmation that I was hired for a temporary job at the hotel my best friend works at, which is always good news – Yeey! – being unemployed in London is not an option for me at all; I am not someone who can just sit and do nothing while my boyfriend is working his arse off to pay for everything.
I hope to find another job in HR or Marketing soon, as you may know I am educated in the Hospitality Industry and the majority of my resume consists of restaurant related work experience, and it is a bit harder to get introduced in the HR or Marketing world with zero experience in that field. But I am determined to get in and will work hard for it, even if it means starting from the bottom as an intern. I am someone who is very eager to learn and gain knowledge in all aspects and always interested in the experiences of other people and learn from them. And I personally think that my Hospitality Industry background is a good base for it. Who knows; maybe I will do something completely different.

Aaaahhh well, we’ll see won’t we? If live is that easy to grant me everything I desire without putting any effort into it, live would be boring.

My parents and my brother are joining me for a few days and we will be traveling by car to London. Which was very convenient for me with all my luggage, would have paid a sh%t load of money for it if I would have traveled by plane!  But not only that; having my parents and brother with me for a couple of days feels a lot better than leaving them behind at the airport.
My brother has never been to London either, but I bet he will be hunting down Pokemon more than truly exploring the main attractions… I won’t blame him, though, if I was playing that game I would have done exactly the same, and hey~ you are still outside, you just have to remember to look up from your phone sometimes and see how amazing the city is.

I am looking forward to this new chapter in my life and will be missing my friends and family incredibly, but the ‘goodbye’ will turn into a ‘hello’ very soon as some visits are already planned, haha!




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