Is it a croissant, or is it a doughnut? Visiting Rinkoff’s Bakery

I remember when my boyfriend and I were cotching in the apartment and I fancied a cheeky snack. I browsed the internet with something like: “Best snacks in London”, and I stumbled upon Rinkoff Bakery, I personally never heard of it before but I read on reviews that their ‘Crodoughs’ as they call it, or some call it a ‘Croughnut’ were legendary.
So I asked A. –my boyfriend–  if he knew the place and their Crodoughs and his response was: ,,Uh, yes! I told you about this place before, they’re amazing!“, I was sold and wanted to try this legendary crodough right away, right now. 

So I kicked him of the sofa –Not literally of course- and got ready to explore. The weather was really good so we went on foot.

Rinkoff Bakery is a family run business and was established in 1911, they have been producing speciality bread, cakes and rolls for over a century, including traditional Challah breads, Sourdoughs, cheesecakes, muffins, croissants, exceptional Danish pastries and of course; Crodoughs.



“Baking Challah is considered as an important blessing in the Jewish culture, nowadays it is used to describe a loaf of braided bread that appears on Shabbat tables all over the world”

(Photo credit:





Rinkoff Bakery has two locations around the Whitechapel area: 79 Vallance Road, E1 5BS and 224 Jubilee Street, E1 3BS. A. and I went to their bakery on Jubilee Street; a cute place where you can catch the scent of fresh baked products from around the corner – Goodness, how i love that scent-. The bakery had a small terrace outside with wooden tables and chairs. We went in and on the right hand side they had an L-shaped counter presenting their products and it made me want to demolish all of it. It all looked so good.

My eyes immediately went to the crodoughs, they were all perfectly lined up and they were around five different flavours when we were there. I always having a hard time choosing what food I would like to eat – I can be a nightmare in restaurants sometimes – because they all looked amazing… Arghh Which one?!


I forgot to make photos of my own, but was quite hungry and couldn’t wait to order something… Photo credit: Instagram – @Rinkoffbakery.

Eventually A. went for the Pistachio one and I went for the Oreo Cheesecake, oh boy they looked good. You can order a coffee here as well, so we did and sat outside in the sun as you can see in the featured image of this post.
They were very rich, but the flavours were on point. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside where it had a filling in the middle … We were in heaven, seriously.  My stomach could not take it anymore, as it was so rich, but you know that feeling when I just want to finish it even though you had enough? This is what you get when eating these, haha!

Well, you now know of course that I praise the holiness out of these crodoughs/croughnuts, but if you ever tasted these before you will agree on this..

Toodle pip!






  1. I almost passed out just looking at the picture of the Oreo one. Looks very good, hope I can visit one day.

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