The most disturbing dream I ever had..

I have a very vivid imagination and my dreams can be quite weird/disturbing sometimes. I remember 9 out of 10 dreams I have almost in detail, and the majority are not that pleasant. Sometimes there is an explaination of why I dream a certain dream; stress, many things on my mind or something ‘major’ happend recently. But sometimes.. just sometimes, there is no explaination at all for a certain dream. This was one of them, and I wanted to share it with you:

Just to point out that this is what happend in my dream, no add-ons or something. And I can also smell and feel things when I am dreaming.. I am such a weirdo, haha.

it started when I was at my grandmother’s house with some friends of mine (apparently they were my friends, no familiar faces in real life), somehow I was a bit pissed off and wanted to hide so no one could find me and just left me alone. so I went in my grandfather’s old sewing room and locked the door behind me, it was quite humid in there and I opened a window.
The door was not fully closed at the bottom of it; there was this 10cm gap, so someone could have a peek. I tried to fill it up with some random things I had in the room so that peeking would not happen.

Couple of my friends came upstairs and demanded that I let them in, they sounded a bit more intimidating now, almost threatning. One of them tried to get in through that gap on the bottom of the door, it was one of the female friends and she tried to reach for me with her hand and force herself through the gap. She was shooting with this weird stuff and apparently it was black magic, i could do similar things back: Multiply the things that I had in the room to shoot right back at her and I probably was the one that possessed white magic.
All of a sudden one of my male friends managed to get through the gap lying on his back and I was shocked on how he managed to do that. He calmed both of us down, saying everything was okay. And then it just stopped, like nothing ever happend..

It was late in the afternoon in my dream and it started to get a bit darker outside. We were in this small city near my actual hometown and we decided to have dinner with the group. We sat in this very narrow restaurant where the tables and seats did not have much space in between. Our table was next to these massive windows with an ocean view –just to be clear, there is no ocean near my hometown at all in real life-. We were all fooling around a bit and I showed my friends what I could do with that white magic I had and my other friend hers with the black magic.
Apparently there were two or three friends who possessed the black magic and I was the only one with the white magic. It was all fine till it turned twilight; this dark purple to black and orange sky with a bright orangy-red moon –blood moon apparently- and one of my male friends started to act weird, he looked like he was hypnotised and I knew I was in trouble. It would apparently become my death –he would turn into this kind of werewolf that would not stop hunting me down- so i tried to calm him down, held his face in my hands and begged him to control himself and I began to become anxious and cried while doing this.

He calmed down a bit and it seemed like he came back to normal, but I knew I had to get out of there as fast as I could and had to think of where I could go: i could go to the clouds and wait till that blood moon was over, is what I thought, but he could still reach me if I’m there. I could turn myself into white lightning as I will cause a big storm and will be too fast for him to catch me.
I eventually decided to flee to the galaxy and hide there somewhere. I took off and wandered around the galaxy, different planets and such, it was beautiful with all the colours I could imagine. But some kind of force tried to pull me back to earth and at one point I was getting closer and closer and hang around this massive satellite which wasn’t a smart move as that male friend that turned into that hunting werewolf fully now showed up alongside with some other person, so I had to run, but they were incredibly fast as well and came very close.

Luckily I was a bit faster and could glitch/teleport whatever myself a light year away. But they were very close every time.
One point they catched me with this rope that tied my hands to my back and something that covered my mouth, I landed in this empty warehouse with this weird kind of rack – can’t come up with the right word for it– but it had these daunting set of massive knives in the middle that moved seperately and would eventually cut you up and pull you into it, where ever it would drop you into … They tried to get me in but could not succeed as I was hard to kill, so then they did the unthinkable and lined up my whole family, tied them up to this automatic rail that would guide them to that knife thing…
And I screamed with that thing still in my mouth and cried as I had to watch. When they were done I felt defeated, with that stabbed feeling of pain in my heart. So I layed down still tied up. Still crying and told them that I gave up; I didn’t want to live anymore now my family was gone. It also meant that that white magic of mine was at its weakest point as I gained strength from my family, but since they were gone; there wasn’t much left.

The black magic people tied me on this pole as I had to be burned to separate me from my white magic. They covered me in these brown blankets, I did not struggle as I was ready to give up anyway. One of the people lighted a torch and woke up the fire starting at the bottom of my blanket. The fire went up and I felt the heat spreading, and when it came to the top of my face I released the last breath of the white magic that was within me, faded like white dust in the air..

I woke up at that point and was so confused, it was so disturbing and it all felt so real.. Then I thought: Why??!

Thankfully it was just a dream, sorry if this was quite gruesome to read. Maybe it sounded like a fictional movie or something, at least it wasn’t real..


Toodle pip!



  1. Hmm yea I thought about that, I am someone who likes to help everyone out. I think the major reason for this dream is because I’m moving to London on a permanent base soon and having saying goodbye to everyone is quite hard. But my brain just made a creepy twist to it. Thank you for the lovely comment!


  2. Reads like a really dark Harry Potter story maybe hehe. My quick interpretation of the dream/nightmare. You have some friends that you want to help (maybe unknowingly), you feel like you have the power to help them, but it also seems like a very daunting task. lol anyway enjoyed it, thank you for sharing.

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