Whisky & Cheese, does it work? Masterclass at The Capital Hotel

It was almost our two year anniversary and I always want to do something special, of course giving each other gifts is normal, but I did not want to go on that ‘normal’ road and give him a new watch or something like that. I wanted to do something thoughtful for him, so I strolled on the internet searching for some inspiration. Then it came to my mind that my boyfriend really enjoys whisky, so maybe a masterclass would be really interesting – I am not really that fond of whisky, but I am always open for new things/flavours-. So I googled ‘Whisky Masterclass London’ and came across various websites that offered these, although when seeing some of the price tags of those masterclasses I

felt a nasty stab in my purse…

When looking at reviews I stumbled upon the Whisky & Cheese pairing Masterclass on Tripadvisor which is held in The Capital Hotel in Knightsbridge; “Believed to be the only bar in London offering whisky and cheese pairing” is what it said on their website “An impressive range of whisky is expertly matched with a selection of British Cheese,” 
YAAS! this is perfect!! He loves whisky and he LOVES cheese; this combo is a match made in heaven! Of course I always do some cheeky research first and looking at reviews on various websites because I do not want to be dissappointed, especially not on this special occasion. But the reviews were excellent and I booked a reservation.

It is hard for me to keep things I am excited about a secret, especially for my boyfriend as I always tell him everything. And he can be a bit cheeky sometimes and extremely curious, trying to figure out my secret. I do give him tiny-winy hints about the gift, but trying not to give too much away.

So the day was finally there and we were a bit dressed up for the occasion (casual smart), he still did not have a clue what we will be doing and I got so excited, so we walked out of the tube station towards the hotel and he was looking around for clues –did not succeed- and just at the entrance I told him with a big smile: ,,We’re here!” and he looked surprised and intrigued already seeing we went into this fancy hotel. I proudly walked in and we were greeted by the staff and I said that we had an ‘appointment with Cesar’ (the man who is giving the masterclass), I chuckled a bit as it sounded so serious and my boyfriend had no clue what was going on.

We were requested to take a seat in the bar and that Cesar will wait for us there. The bar was beautiful and elegant, not too big,- not too small. The bartender greeted us and we took a seat, then I told my boyfriend that we were here for a Whisky & Cheese masterclass and I just love the look on his face when he is pleasantly surprised, and he got very excited.
The bartender gave us an aperitif to activate our tastebuds, I can not recall in detail what it actually was, but it had a type of whisky in it with some orange zest that he ‘flambeed’, I am not sure about the proper english explaination for it, haha sorry for that.whiskycheese1.JPGThey also served us a cute stand with nuts and very tasty olives, very flavoursome and great texture. There was this little pot with a dark red liquid and which looked like olives in it. As curious as I am; I had to taste it, these were marinated cherries if I am correct. I expected them to be very sweet, but they had a very good subtle flavour.

After a little while some other guests walked in, also to join the masterclass and 15min later Cesar asked us to sat down at the bar. We were with six people and there were three glasses of whisky and three cheeses presented in front of us.

I will not go in too much detail about the masterclass, otherwise I can write for decades as there was so much interesting information Cesar gave us about the whisky; it’s heritage, the different areas they make whisky; he answered some related questions about the whisky but also about himself and of course about the different types of whisky we had in front of us. He first asked about our preferences with whisky, I honestly told him that I actually never drink it but did know a thing or two about it as I am in the hospitality industry and serve them sometimes. Luckily I was not the only one who was inexperienced with Whisky, another lady was on the same boat.

It was a very interesting masterclass and I really enjoyed that we were with a small group of people, it made the experience more ‘personal’. Even though it was a lot of information Cesar gave us – I think he can talk about it forever –, it did not ‘bore’ us at all! The whisky and cheese combinations were very surprising, and we enjoyed every minute of it.

After everyone left, I chatted with Cesar for a while –I felt sorry for my boyfriend as he just stood there listening.. he did not mind, but still- about our experiences within the hospitality and where I would see myself in the future and all that.

Overall, a very enjoyable masterclass and well worth the money! So if you are interested in whisky and like cheese, this is definitely worth a try.

Toodle pip!



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