You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow! My first Cat Cafe experience

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Yaas! I can finally say that I have visited a Cat Cafe!

lovelovelove animals, when you ask me about my favourite animal,- I have some unexpected ones like: ducks, koalas, penguins,- I think there is still quite a lot of people that love penguins or koalas, not particularly ducks, I think – but the most frequent question you can expect when getting to know another animal lover is: ,,Do you prefer cats or dogs?” well, I do love them both, but I honestly go to the cat-side; I just find them so cheeky; they only eat and sleep; do whatever they want; do not give a damn; and have some weird moments – I know, dogs have them too ofcourse, but I think cats are a bit weirder, and as a weirdo: I prefer weird cats-.

So my fellow cat lover – A very good friend of mine – and I decided to spend a day in Amsterdam together and visit a cat cafe, we both never have done that before and there are not that many in The Netherlands as well, only two as far as I know,- and London three or four I think.. Anyway; visiting a cat cafe was on our bucketlist and we made an online reservation at the cat cafe: Kopjeslocated in Marco Polostraat 211, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


The cafe had a really open interior, and with an open interior; I actually mean the colours, furniture and decoration they used: As you can see on the photo, they used light colours which made you feel welcome straight away.

The bar was decorated with homemade delicacies, brownies and cakes, and they looked delicious! –I already fancied a snack when we were on our way, but these brownies and pies made me craving for it! –  we were greeted by a young man and he confirmed our reservation.
Before we went in, he politely asked us if we could disinfect our hands and explained some basic rules:

  • We could not pick up the cats, but it is fine to pet them ofcourse or when they jump on your lap or on the table.
  • The food that will be served is only for human consumption, so do not feed the cats. Two of the cats have diabetes.
  • Do not put your food on your lap or on the lower tables unattended.

And the most entertaining, but quite serious one, was the warning for the cat Donny: he is the biggest male cat in there and is obsessed with food, he will notice when you have food on the lower tables or on your lap and will go straight to it. The guy explained that most people will say ,,Ah, I am used to it,” but Donny was a different story, they did not make the warning like you are some kind of ‘beginning cat lover’, haha. So when Donny approaches you while you are eating, you have to put your plate as high as possible or give him a little ‘go-away-push’ otherwise The Don will grab it. Donny is not only food obsessed but also has diabetes… –What a cat,.. I am a fan-


My friend and I walked in and the whole room had wooden scratching posts and chill spots for the cats everywhere, and quirky chairs and tables, it was really nicely done!

The first thing you do when you get in is ofcourse; looking for the cats. They were all chilling across the room, it was quite humid, I would sleep too if I was one of them.
My friend and I sat down and a waitress brought us the menu; it was an one-page menu and it was clear that everything they served was biological –Bonus points!- and my eye dropped to the the sentence that they served soy milk! I do not drink cow’s milk and replaced it with soy -or almond milk instead, and not many cafes have that!

We chatted a bit with the waitress and she told us that the cafe has seven cats, all adopted from the shelter to give them a better life, and I must say: they looked like they have found paradise!
We ordered homemade iced tea and a flat white with soymilk accompanied with a cake. I wanted the Red Velvet cake, but unfortunately they ran out –These things always happen to me..- So I asked the waitress what she would recommend and she said that I should try the “Pistachio, Cardamom and white chocolate cake”, this made me forget about the Red Velvet at my first bite, it was define















My friend and I had a lovely time here and stayed for quite a while, the reservation offers you a stay of 2,5 hours as it is quite popular and it cannot be too busy for the wellbeing of the cats. The drinks and the food Kopjes served were high quality and the cafe has a great atmosphere, If I lived nearby I would have been a regular.

So, If you ever visting Amsterdam (again) give it a try and let me know what your thoughts were!

kopjes 6


Toodle pip!



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