Month: July 2016

Food from the streets, a feast for the tummy: Street feast London

  It has been a little while since I have posted a blog, and I am sorry – AGAIN -, as some of you already knew; I was in the middle of immigrating in London. My parents and my brother have been staying with us for a couple of days and we have been in adventure mode the whole time. A. and I showed them some places we love to go in London when we are together and one of them is: Street feast.  Street feast is

I do not like the word ‘Goodbye’

,,A goodbye opens new doors,” that is what my aunt said to me, which I found a very beautiful thing to say, well she said it in Dutch which I personally think sounded way better: ,,Een afscheid opent nieuwe deuren.” If you have been following me for a little while – This blog is still very fresh as I started only three months ago –, you probably have read in A step towards emigration that I was preparing myself to permanently move to London instead of frequent visits to be with my boyfriend. Well, tomorrow that day I have been waiting for, for two years is finally there. As exciting that new adventure is,it meant

Is it a croissant, or is it a doughnut? Visiting Rinkoff’s Bakery

I remember when my boyfriend and I were cotching in the apartment and I fancied a cheeky snack. I browsed the internet with something like: “Best snacks in London”, and I stumbled upon Rinkoff Bakery, I personally never heard of it before but I read on reviews that their ‘Crodoughs’ as they call it, or some call it a ‘Croughnut’ were legendary. So I asked A. –my boyfriend–  if he knew the place and their Crodoughs and his response was:

The most disturbing dream I ever had..

I have a very vivid imagination and my dreams can be quite weird/disturbing sometimes. I remember 9 out of 10 dreams I have almost in detail, and the majority are not that pleasant. Sometimes there is an explaination of why I dream a certain dream; stress, many things on my mind or something ‘major’ happend recently. But sometimes.. just sometimes, there is no explaination at all for a certain dream. This was one of them, and I wanted to share it with you: Just to point out that this is what happend in my dream, no add-ons or something. And I can also smell and feel things when I am dreaming.. I am such a weirdo, haha. it started when I was

Whisky & Cheese, does it work? Masterclass at The Capital Hotel

It was almost our two year anniversary and I always want to do something special, of course giving each other gifts is normal, but I did not want to go on that ‘normal’ road and give him a new watch or something like that. I wanted to do something thoughtful for him, so I strolled on the internet searching for some inspiration. Then it came to my mind that my boyfriend really enjoys whisky, so maybe a masterclass would be really interesting – I am not really that fond of whisky, but I am always open for new things/flavours-. So I googled ‘Whisky Masterclass London’ and came across various websites that offered these, although when seeing some of the price tags of those masterclasses I