Is it a croissant, or is it a doughnut? Visiting Rinkoff’s Bakery

I remember when my boyfriend and I were cotching in the apartment and I fancied a cheeky snack. I browsed the internet with something like: “Best snacks in London”, and I stumbled upon Rinkoff Bakery, I personally never heard of it before but I read on reviews that their ‘Crodoughs’ as they call it, or some […]

You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow! My first Cat Cafe experience

photo credit: Yaas! I can finally say that I have visited a Cat Cafe! I lovelovelove animals, when you ask me about my favourite animal,- I have some unexpected ones like: ducks, koalas, penguins,- I think there is still quite a lot of people that love penguins or koalas, not particularly ducks, I think – but the most […]