Ok, I have to apologise again for not posting frequently, but if you have read my previous review about the dinner at Jackie’s you know that I am still in my two weeks of practical lessons… which means working for free… free labour… I would almost call it volunteer work; But it is not; as I did not volunteer; it is mandatory for uni. And the only ‘reward’ that I will get are my ‘final points’ so I can graduate. – Can I cry somewhere in a dark corner, please?– and it is not that it is easy not-many-guests-so-you-have-nothing-to-do kind of two weeks, no no no: the hotel is completely occupied and the restaurant as well – Where are all these people coming from?!- 

So this is a short post this time as I do not like to ‘neglect’ my blog, as I am having so much fun maintaining it and get positive feedback from friends, family and from you guys!
I just hope you understand that I am so busy and quite exhausted the whole time. But I keep telling myself that it is almost over, this is the last week and from Sunday on it is done! And the emigration is getting close too, which I am beyond excited about!

Is there anything you would suggest to write about next time? Maybe another review, or rather a random chat? Please let me know in the comment section below or feel free to send me an email: 

Toodle pip!



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