I sea food and I eat it; Dinner at Jackie’s

Sorry for not posting consistently, it is still not too bad but I was in the middle of my final exams and still waiting for results – and possible resits –. And I am currently in a two week practical class to earn my final points to graduate, which I personally find a waste of time as I do not learn anything new.. but I need the points… and what is two weeks, right?

Anywho~ I wanted to write an other review; this time a lovely restaurant my parents, my brother and I visited on my parents’ 33rd anniversary.
I have heard good things about Jackie’s from some friends of mine and they recommended me to take my parents there, so I did and it was totally worth it!

Jackie’s is located in Deventer (OV), The Netherlands. The restaurant is inspired by the brisk and excited cuisine of New York City as it contains many cultural influences, which I find quite inspiring as I have never thought about this cuisine in that way before and did not even know that this was considered as an actual cuisine. – Maybe it is not, maybe it is, it does not really matter to me –.

We were greated by a friendly hostess, casual -yet professional, the way I like my dining experiences. She knew about the anniversary and served us four glasses of prosecco, which took my parents by surprise – Always lovely to see such reactions –. The menu had very interesting dishes, not the standard kind of dishes you could find anywhere, and even if they were; Jackie’s gave it a special name.

My dad and my brother started off with the Dragon roll: 

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

A sushi roll with gamba fried in tempura and hugged by avocado and a spicy mayonaise. Only looking at it makes me craving for it again, the textures and flavours were on point.
My mother and I chose for The Passion a ceviche of fresh cod with an interesting salad of avocado, tomato, quinoa and passionfruit combined with a chive-mayonaise.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Very fresh flavours and the passionfruit goes really well with the cod, which I was a bit sceptic about at first.

For main, my brother chose for lobster and my dad for a pork rack; Lobster Gratiné and Miss Piggie. They looked really good, but my mum and I won this round. As the picture of this review -I present to you: The sea food platter! We shared this dish and it was define! Jackie’s served the platter on a stand with a chafing dish tortch –Is there an other name for it? Gel tortch? I don’t know… -, our hostess advised us which fish we should eat first because of its cooking process on the platter continued, and so we did… and so we enjoyed..

But I must say, our tummies were stuffed! But my brother and I saw a dessert on their menu that we could not reject,- we had to see this magic in person!, as we have these kind of desserts all over the internet and Jackie’s had it: The Big Bang; a white chocolate sphere filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse and caramelised almonds, coated with a chocolate sauce:

A lovely evening with the family, excellent service, delicious food on a wonderful day.

So if you are in the area: visit Jackie’s and ofcourse you have let me know how your experience was!


Toodle pip!


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