Enjoy it while it lasts

Sometimes life is not all about the luxurious things, those greater things such as: your first selfie with a celebrity,- or that project X party with too many people in one tiny appartment,- or that big trip you have made to an other country,- or buying that way too expensive accessory but do not regret.
Ofcourse those moments are very memorable and you should treasure it. But sometimes you forget the smaller things in life that truly make you happy; that put a smile on your face when thinking about it.

One of those small things I can really enjoy is when I can spend time with my family; especially with my parents. I have always been someone who cannot sit still, I cannot just sit on the sofa and do nothing – Ok, that is not entirely true, sometimes I can really enjoy a day of doing absolutely nothing, but that is after I had a crazy week with minimum rest-. I am also someone who is not easily bored, always able to find some entertainment. That can go from drawing something,- to writing someting,- to watch a documentary,- play some music,- getting lost in the weird side of youtube…

As I am such an occupied person – I am truly a nightmare to meet up with, that is not a lie -, I  sometimes caught myself with almost ‘neglecting’ my parents. The ones that are always there for me and supporting me in everything that I do. Especially when I moved to Leeuwarden for Uni, meaning that I go to Uni from Monday till Friday, go back home (parents’ home) and spend the weekend there; but I will be working in the local restaurant. Always tired and sometimes a bit grumpy. Ofcourse we always find time to have a little browse in central Enschede and have some drinks and nibbles, and these things is what I personally enjoy the most. And I will keep doing it as much as I can before I will definitly emigrate, which is getting very close now!

Spending evenings at home with my parents in Enschede or with my friends in Leeuwarden, with some wine and nibbles and a good movie or series is also something that I can truly enjoy. Because of the great weather lately –Now not so much- we chill in the garden and invite friends over for a BBQ at our place in Leeuwarden and chat all evening with some wine and beers.
Ofcourse, going for a night out and dance the night away and all your friends around you are getting wasted, will have some unforgettable stories later. But the party-animal within me has been tamed nowadays and I often say ,,Nah” whenever I get asked to go to the central pub and club. I prefer nights out on the terrace with some nibbles and a drink, rather than getting wasted and crash in bed in the early mornings – Am I getting old?- Ahhh well, everyone has their preferences, do they not?

What makes you happy?


Toodle pip!




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