Cocktails with a view, visiting SushiSamba

I remember when my boyfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary where he took me to Sushisamba. It is located in the Herron Tower in London on the 38th and the 39th floor, Sushisamba delivers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, culture, music and striking design to the City of London – that is what it says on their website -.

I was really excited when my boyfriend told me that we were going to have some drinks and dinner here and dressed up for the occasion; My favourite black dress that I always wear whenever I had a concert; it was a sleeveless chiffon material with thick shoulder straps, the bottom is flowy; short at the front,- just above the knees, and longer at the back,- just touching my heels. – I always feel so elegant in that dress –, wearing my black pumps and accompanied with a taupe coloured Fred de la Bretoniere bag. I can really enjoy dressing up for special events. But believe me, I have two totally different sides: One day I can look fabulous with nice clothing, make up on fleek and shiny curly hair; and other days I am walking in whatever I can find in my wardrobe,- hair in a bun, barely -or no make up and my glasses on.

Anywho~ back to topic.

Ofcourse, to get to Sushisamba we had to take the elevator – surprise surprise –. The elevator was only about 4m² wide I think, the floor had these multi-coloured led-lighting in it. So we stepped in and pressed the button to the 38th floor, and ofcourse I thought this little elevator will take ages to get us to our destination. Aaaand I was wrong -, that little thing went faster than the speed of light – That is obviously exaggerated ofcourse – while you are going up, you can enjoy the view of the city.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

When we got out of the elevator we were politely greeted by a host who took our coats. The cocktail bar was on our right hand side; a beautiful round bar with chandeliers and a huge glass window with a breathtaking view of London. Luckily we managed to get a spot – well I did, as cheeky as I am. I see a spot and I go right to it without negotiating – at the window and I was just mesmerised on how beautiful London is at this height. We ordered some cocktails where-I-do-not-remember-the-name-of and chatted for about half an hour or so. The cocktails were very flavoursome and unusual, my boyfriend and I always like to try new things.
On the other side there was this sashimi-bar  and an outside terrace with a massive orange-lit tree on the left. On the right of the sashimi bar was the entrance to the restaurant. After about half an hour of chatting and sipping our delicious cocktail, one of the hosts picked us up and guided us to our table. The service was also very laid back, but still very professional from beginning till the end, helping us with the menu and choosing the perfect wine.
I will not go on too much about the food because it was just simply amazing and the photos will speak for themselves!

I highly recommend Sushisamba to everyone; not just for dinner, but also for a casual drink in the cocktailbar or the upstairs area. I must say that it is quite a pricey, but I did not expect any less!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Toodle pip!



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