Neglecting my skills..

When I was younger I used to draw a lot, I was driving my parents mad with all the powerpuff girls,-pokemon -and Dragon Ball drawings. All these A4 papers with doodles flying around the house, never completed sketchbooks, every tiny space I could find in books, magazines or newspapers; there was always a scribble or a doodle of mine somewhere in a tiny corner.

I have always been someone who likes to do everything, from sports -to artistic things: Swimming, horseback riding, playing the violin, the piano, singing, gymnastics at school, drawing, designing… But at one point I had to make some choices because obviously I could not have everything my heart desired. So I narrowed it down to horseback riding and training horses, and being classically trained with the violin –still drawing everywhere-. 

Then high school was lurking around the corner. I was rapped over the knuckles by the teachers: I was not allowed to draw in my notebooks anymore, which was quite a slap in the face. I did listen to them ofcourse… a bit… I still doodled in my notebooks, but significantly less than I used to and from that point on I was actually neglecting my drawing skills. Which was a shame, but I had other things on my mind: I was training horses at this horse breeder with a few other girls, I was playing in an orchestra plus the normal music classes, and studying; all consuming a lot of time and I was barely drawing anymore. Resulting in losing some drawing skills. Now I am at uni, and constantly occupied and I still neglect my drawing skills unfortunately.

I am slowly picking it up again. I am busy with the last few things to graduate, sitting behind my laptop 24/7, but tonight I thought: I should draw again. Relax a bit and see what will pop up.
I am quite the impatient kind of person and always admire the artists that sit down for hours working on a portrait,- sketching a base,- take a break and finish it the next day,- using a lot of colours, all that. Because I can’t.. I want to finish the drawing the same day and I rarely draw a base first or even use a pencil for that matter. For the drawing above, I did use a pencil. But normally I use a balpen or any other pen within my reach.

And I am quite pleased with the result!
But as an impatient perfectionist –delightful combination- I am never truly pleased or satisfied with my results.



Toodle pip!


  1. You are quite right to be pleased with the result! I think it’s beautiful — and that you’re very talented.

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