Month: June 2016


Ok, I have to apologise again for not posting frequently, but if you have read my previous review about the dinner at Jackie’s you know that I am still in my two weeks of practical lessons… which means working for free… free labour… I would almost call it volunteer work; But it is not; as I did not volunteer; it is mandatory for uni. And the only ‘reward’ that I will get are my ‘final points’ so I can graduate. – Can I cry somewhere in a dark corner, please?– and

I sea food and I eat it; Dinner at Jackie’s

Sorry for not posting consistently, it is still not too bad but I was in the middle of my final exams and still waiting for results – and possible resits –. And I am currently in a two week practical class to earn my final points to graduate, which I personally find a waste of time as I do not learn anything new.. but I need the points… and what is two weeks, right? Anywho~ I wanted to write an other review; this time a lovely restaurant my parents, my brother and I visited on my parents’ 33rd anniversary. I have heard good things about Jackie’s from some friends of mine and they recommended me to take my parents there, so I did and it

Enjoy it while it lasts

Sometimes life is not all about the luxurious things, those greater things such as: your first selfie with a celebrity,- or that project X party with too many people in one tiny appartment,- or that big trip you have made to an other country,- or buying that way too expensive accessory but do not regret. Ofcourse those moments are very memorable and you should treasure it. But sometimes you forget the smaller things in life that truly make you happy; that put a smile on your face when thinking about it. One of those small things I can really enjoy is when I can

Cocktails with a view, visiting SushiSamba

I remember when my boyfriend and I were celebrating our anniversary where he took me to Sushisamba. It is located in the Herron Tower in London on the 38th and the 39th floor, Sushisamba delivers a unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian cuisine, culture, music and striking design to the City of London – that is what it says on their website -. I was really excited when my boyfriend told me that we were going to have some drinks and dinner here and dressed up for the occasion; My favourite black dress that I always wear whenever I had a concert; it was a sleeveless

Neglecting my skills..

When I was younger I used to draw a lot, I was driving my parents mad with all the powerpuff girls,-pokemon -and Dragon Ball drawings. All these A4 papers with doodles flying around the house, never completed sketchbooks, every tiny space I could find in books, magazines or newspapers; there was always a scribble or a doodle of mine somewhere in a tiny corner. I have always been someone who likes to do everything, from sports -to artistic things: Swimming, horseback riding, playing the violin, the piano, singing, gymnastics at school, drawing, designing… But at one point I