About me

Hi there! So obviously it is clear that I call myself ‘The Dutchess of London’.

I graduated in the summer of 2016 at Stenden University of Applied Sciences based in Leeuwarden. I studied International Hospitality Management with almost a decade of experience in the field and loving what I do. Even said this, I am ready to learn and develop more skills in the business world and start a new career elsewhere, my ambition is to get into Human Resources,. but who knows what will happen? Maybe I will roll back into the food industry, I would like to explore a bit more and find out where my heart truly lies.

I am born and raised in the East of The Netherlands in a lovely and warm family where food and music always brings us together. Every family photo you will come across; we sit around a table loaded with food or sit across the living room with a plate on our laps and making music together. I consider myself lucky to have such a loving and close family.

I moved to London after I graduated to build a career and be with my love.

I launched this blog after a long thought. I always liked to write stories since I was little, I used to make my own musical-scripts on our windows 98 when I was very young –Always kept these to myself, haha- or write a diary, but never kept that up. Couple of years ago I made a blog via blogspot, but never truly had the feeling that the blog was truly my own –obviously because of the .blogspot.com after the name of my blog back then-. So I gave it a long thought, talked about it with friends and family and decided to buy my own domaine and use WordPress.com as my host. And yes!  I am super happy with it now! Finally my own domain, my own blog!

There is still a lot that has to be changed before I am truly happy with this blog, need to customise it more and learn some design codes. More original ideas with subjects, writing skills… But that is the perfectionist in me. I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog and feel free to give me any feedback!

If you have any questions you would like to ask or would wish to contact me for any other reason, you can email me at: