The most annoying thing..

You probably recognise that moment when a total stranger or someone you know comes up to you and makes that stupid gesture with two fingers at their mouth that ‘symbolises’ a smile. Basically telling you that you have to smile for them… Or even worse: They come towards you and ask you if you are having a good time because you are not smiling enough.. and the only thing you want to do is to slap that person in the face or give them the finger they deserve, but instead you will magically give them the most fakiest-faking-fake-of-fakeville-smile ever.

Yea, if you are feeling me with this one, please give me a high five –resting bitchface squad-.
And I do not mean every single time when someone does that, I think it is also the way they do it, the way they approach you. Sometimes someone is genuinely wondering if you are alright or if you are having a good time, and that is okay.
But this is more about the majority of people that get in my hair with this. I chatted a bit with my mum and my aunt about this subject and my aunt said that it is also something psychological; an impression/body language you give to people, maybe unknowingly. But sometimes people also pay too much attention on how you behave at that moment, like it is their job.

Do I have to put on a fake smile non-stop now? That will look more like I have a mental disorder than that I am having good time…

Toodle pip!


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