A step towards emigration..

If you only knew how long I was staring at my screen, cracking my brain if it was either “Immigrating” or “Emigrating”? I googled the sh%t out of it just to make sure I am using the right term.
The Grammarist says: ,,to immigrate is to settle in a new country or region. To emigrate is to leave a native country or region to settle elsewhere.” So that obviously did not get me any further, but then the magic sentence was there: ,,..think of immigrating as arriving and emigrating as leaving.” 

Conclusion: I will be emigrating The Netherlands and Immigrate to England. –..right?-
So yea, I am not officially living in London just yet, I will emigrate at the end of July.

I was a Middle Hotelschool Student (Hospitality Management) and in our third year we got the opportunity to do a traineeship abroad. I decided to go to London with a couple of classmates/friends in 2014; The private membersclub where my traineeship was had an accommodation for me in Kensington –a.k.a posh area which I did not knew at the start, but I was a very lucky girl-, whereas my friends lived in Clapham South together. We all had the time of our lives: Going out every week in Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus; shopping in Westfield and Oxford Street; going out for dinner at The Avalon in Clapham South or drinks at O’neill’s or The Hems in Leicester square, some wine and cheese at Gordon’s Winebar in Embankment….

I could go on-and-on about my adventures during my traineeship there, but the highlight of this adventure was that I fell in love: Not just with the city itself, but also with an English gent. Unplanned ofcourse, it just happened: We had drinks, chatted and all that jazz, and from there we saw each other couple of times a week the rest of the summer. Untill I had to go back home to The Netherlands ofcourse to finish my education.

We saw each other almost every month, -And that is quite often for a relationship with an ocean separating it- I went to London more often than he came to The Netherlands. Not because he did not want to, I just loved to travel and visit London
Yes we are still together, still going strong. He is also one of the biggest reasons for me to emigrate. Because that is eventually the goal of a long distance relationship; The day that there are no longer Goodbyes, just Good Nights.

I will not go on about the things inbetween or the journey towards the relationship, I do not want to go too far off-topic. I may write a different blog about this love story of mine if you would like me to.


It was around New Years Eve where my boyfriend and I seriously talked about what I should,- and what I could do after I finish my current education. I had two options:

  1. Continue my study in Bachelor degree.
  2. Quit studying after the AD degree and start my career in London or The Netherlands.

A brief explanation of my study: I graduated Middle Hotelschool in 2015 and I continued studying on a higher level in Leeuwarden (International Hospitality Management Bachelor/AD). -Because of the MBO degree of Middle Hotelschool (Sorry, It is hard for me to explain the dutch learning system and what the names truly mean in international terms) I had the opportunity to study the same kind of education on a higher level called: HBO bachelor degree, three year education instead of four years because I get exemptions. There is however an ‘inbetween step’ called: Associates Degree(AD)/MBO+ an one year education instead of two years (because of the exemptions), where I will still follow all classes and assignments with the Bachelor Degree students but with a thesis in the last semester and finish. After this one year of AD, I can continue in the third year of the HBO Bachelor degree and finish in the fourth year. Or I could quit after the AD degree and start working, I chose the last option because I did not had the motivation anymore to continue studying and wanted to develop my skills in ‘the real world’ of business. -I bet this was still very confusing, but at least I tried, haha!-

We discussed both options, even though I already made my decision: What we both expect, how we see the future with -or without each other –and all that serious talk (very important, though)- And eventually came to the decision that I will quit the study and coming to London, start a career and we will live together…. yes,the big step….the big LT living together, FYI-.  But we talked about it a lot and I feel very lucky to have such good communication within our relationship.

Talking about the whole emigration with my friends and family helps me a lot to accept the fact that I am leaving everything behind. I am very close with my family, seeing them regularly, hanging out together – cooking and eating most of the time-. And I also have very lovely friends and collegues who I consider as my second family,who I love very much. They are all so supportive and happy for me and my boyfriend for taking this massive next step, always asking if I am ready to go, if everything is settled, and I appreciate that so much.
The fact that London is just about an hour by plane makes the decision less hard on me too –better than Australia or America, no thanks- but London is still out of the country. I notice that it is hard for my parents to let me go as well,- their youngest daughter moving out of the country and their eldest living in Amsterdam –my family live in the east-. But they see it in a positive way as well: ,,A new holiday adress for us!” is what they keeping saying to me, and knowing that I am familiar with the city and have friends there too reassures them.

I am going to miss all of them terribly, but the new adventure that lies ahead is making me beyond excited and I can not wait to start this new chapter in my life.

Toodle pip!


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