Rolling Kitchens

Last weekend my parents invited me to come along with them to “Rollende Keukens”, a foodtruck festival in Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. Like the title already gives away: Rollende Keukens is translated as Rolling Kitchens –kitchen in a truck..and it rolls..because it has weels.. you know what I’m sayin’?-
If you are an ultimate foodie just like me, this will make your gobble heart beat a little faster:

This is the aftermovie of 2015

More than a hundred foodtrucks that serve: ribs -, snacks-, burgers-, veggies-,ice cream, seafood and many more. Anything your big foodie-heart could wish for! Also plenty to drink ofcourse, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Live bands and other kinds of music. Just an awesome foodtruck festival!

Yes, I have tried a lot and wanted more than my stomach could handle and what is good-but-not-so-good for my health, but sometimes you have to put your “I-have-to-eat-healthy”mentality aside and enjoy. Life is too short to count every calory you put in your mouth – balance it out, though -. 
Ofcourse there are way more foodtruck festivals in The Netherlands you can visit, but this is one of my favourites. You can click here to get an overview of all upcoming foodtruck festivals in The Netherlands – The website is in Dutch -.

I am always look for things I have never tried before – the adventurer in me- and I must say that I have not really seen or eaten anything that truly surprised me or I can consider as; whoa-I-never-tasted-something-like-this-before. This can also be because I have tried a lot in my foodie-life! This is just my opinion and experience.

Also, some trucks did not have a very convenient order/pick-up system which results in a long queu and long waiting time a.k.a. losing customers more easily because they do not have the patience – I am one of them, haha -. BUT some did: One line to place your order and they will hand you a ticket with a number so you can move to the other line where you can pick your order up when they shout your number. This decreases the waiting time and they can prepare more orders at the same time, happy customers, more money in the till. Big thumbs up for the foodtrucks that used this ordering-system!

Toodle pip!



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