Festival season comin’ up

So festival season has basically started in The Netherlands, there are loads and loads of parties/festivals in the country. But one of my favourite ones is about to happen this weekend: “Freshtival”. It is a festival held in Enschede – East of The Netherland, where I come from – which gives you the ultimate summer feeling; great line-ups, different kinds of areas with different genres, awesome food and everybody is in a good mood –the majority at least- and I can’t wait! I have attached some aftermovies of some of the festivals from last year so you could get an impression of the atmosphere.

There are however more amazing events in The Netherlands where you should visit when you are in the festival-mood:

  • Amsterdam Open Air
  • Lowlands
  • Pinkpop
  • Appelsap
  • Holland Festival
  • Mysteryland
  • North Sea Jazz

And so many more! Have you ever been to a festival in The Netherlands?  I would love to hear your story!

Toodle pip!



North Sea Jazz


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