A ride in the park

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning –or afternoon- on your day off, sunlight is peeking through the curtains and it automatically puts a smile on your face? You have one last big stretch and a wriggle before you get out and have a little peek outside; people walking or running, cycling, ducks that quak, kids playing outside… Now you have to get out too and do something useful with your day as it can be considered as a rare event in a rainy country. Although, I must say; summers can be really good in London, sometimes even better than in The Netherlands, but you just know that a storm is lurking around the corner.

Now you have to decide what you can do without having to spend too much money, somewhere not too far from your place. I would suggest to get on your bike –or rent a citybike- and go for a nice cycle in a park. It is easy, it is fast and there are plenty of parking spaces.
My boyfriend and I love Victoriapark, some days we go out on a sunny day and have breakfast at the pavilion and a seat across the water. Or we have a little cotch in the grass –And fall sleep is what usually happens-.Even when it is busy in the park, it is still relaxed. I always love to watch other people, in dutch we say “Aapjes kijken” –Watching monkeys-.  How they are dressed, what music they put on because they brought a huge speaker and think everybody likes it too, what games they are playing, sports. Accompanied with some nibbles and a drink; I can consider these days as a perfect summer. Yes I love traveling and seeing different cultures and the history and beauty of a country, but sometimes you have to enjoy the country that you live in. Because you live there you forget about its beauty easily, as you see it day-in and day-out.

Let me introduce you to the term “Dùjá ve”, So ofcourse you know ‘Dèjá vu”: The feeling that you have experienced something before, but it is the first time you are actually experiencing it. Well, Dùjá ve is; Seeing something so many times, that now you see it in a new way.
See if that ever happens to you, trying to look at something in a different way and all of a sudden you say: WHOA! Dùjá ve!. I think that the majority of people will give you a weird look when you say it out loud, but at least you know what it is!

Toodle pip!


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