The Breaky Club

If you are familiar with London, you must know this place: The Breakfast Club.
It is –I think of many – one of my most favourite places to go to for an awesome breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Maybe a brief history of The Breakfast Club for you – who doesn’t love a bit of history? – :
So their mothership is based in Soho started in 2005, a family caf business offering old all day food and drinks. And soon from there success was made and it spread like wildfire. They even have secret bars – yes, like literally, secret! hidden away – I did not had the privilege yet to say that I have been there and try it out for you guys .. one day, one day.. anywhooo~

The first time I was introduced to TBC – I will shorten it from now on, ’cause I’m lazy – was at their Hoxton location and I immediately fell in love with this place! This was also around the time I was living in London during my 6-months internship, so was in the discover-mode. It was old school, but still trendy, I would almost call it a “hipster hotspot” because everyone – In East London at least – all adopted the hipster style with quirky outfits, messy buns and beards. Which I find very inspiring creative wise. There were tables in different sizes and of different materials, mixed up chairs, black-and-white tiled floors, old school music was playing, – I think you can quite imagine what it looks like, right? – This was about 2 years ago, they renovated this location now, still oldschool but I prefered it before the renovation, but it still looks cool, though!
My first order here was the ‘Green is Good smoothie’ and the ‘Avocado & Poached Egg on Toast’ where I added crispy bacon and chillies. – See picture, don’t judge the quality, thanks –   And oh myyyy this was absolutely awesome! My boyfriend ordered their pancakes, awesome too, but honestly; mine was better -*insert wink-emoji-.

So now my boyfriend and I set the goal to visit every TBC, we already visited quite some and some places even more than once –and not always together, sometimes with friends and he visited TBC before he met me – 

  • Hoxton 4x
  • Spitalfields 3x
  • London bridge 5x
  • Soho 1x
  • Angel – still on the list
  • Canary warf – still on the list
  • Hackney Wick – also still on the list
  • Battersea rise – also still on the list
  • Brighton – also still on the list

Goodness, see? So many to go! Their menus do not differ from each other, though – As far as I know -. If you have not been at TBC yet while you live in London or visit London regularly, Shame on you! Yea, sorry, that is just not done. GO RIGHT NOW while it is still open, I promise you, you will not regret this. And I am 100% convinced that you will be hooked too like many others.

Let me know when you did or what you think of TBC.

Toodle pip!


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