Month: May 2016

Being a Occasionaltarian; steps towards veganism?

Photo credit: Erin Hiemstra  A Vegetarian: does not eat meat, fish or poultry. A Vegan: A vegetarian who cuts out any animal product, including milk, cheese and other dairy products. Veganism and vegetarianism is considered as a trend nowadays; A lot of celebrities are vegan such as: Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande and Liam Hemsworth, big youtubers: Carli Bybel. Brett Cap and Jenna Marbles and many more famous/influencial people. And because they have so many fans and followers, they reach a massive audience: Their fans want to become vegan too because the person(s) they look up to adopted this lifestyle. But veganism and vegetarianism should not

Across the vineyards

One of the adventures that I will treasure the rest of my life is the ‘Wine Tour’ my uni –Short for University- organises for second year hospitality management students. I had the privelege to join this tour twice, as I had to resit my second year at uni. A blessing in disguise as I would like to call it. I was pretty gutted and highly dissappointed in myself that I had

About me

Hi there! So obviously it is clear that I call myself ‘The Dutchess of London’. I graduated in the summer of 2016 at Stenden University of Applied Sciences based in Leeuwarden. I studied International Hospitality Management with almost a decade of experience in the field and loving what I do. Even said this, I am ready to learn and develop more skills in the business world and start a new career elsewhere, my ambition is to get into Human Resources,. but who knows what will happen? Maybe I will roll back into the food industry, I would like to explore a bit more and find out where my heart truly lies. I am born and raised in the East of The Netherlands in a lovely and warm family where food and music always brings us together. Every family photo you will come across; we sit around a table loaded with food or sit across the living room with a plate on our laps and making music together. I consider myself lucky to have such a …