Phish & Chips

I am not the biggest fan of fish and chips, but sometimes you have that cheeky craving for it. The thing that I experience is that after I have demolished that big piece of fish and fatty chips, I immediately regret it – or just look at my tummy as if I gained an extra 10 kilograms.

Since a little while I have been completely obsessed with the Vegan Burgers from Mooshies , they are located in Brick Lane in London and they do delivery as well with UberEats. When I stuff my face with their vegan burgers I feel less bad about it somehow – It is not exactly healthy, it is still fast food, but 100x better than an actual meaty burger.

So one day I ordered their Fillet-om-phish burger:

The most beautiful Nail files I’ve ever seen

Oh look at these products in my featured image above, I swear they look even prettier in person!
This is what I have received from the lovely team of Mont Bleu. They have recently approach me, introducing their products and asked if I would like to try them out. And of course I said I do!

As the curious person I am, I did my research of course as I was not familiar with Mont Bleu just yet. But they are quite well known in the nail industry, and now I understand why! Mont Bleu is a manufacturer of Czech made glass nail files, a Design Atelier who makes bijoux, decorates beauty products and gifts with Swarovski elements. They strive for quality and functionality, beauty and uniqueness with their hand crafted products.

Their online shop offers a wide range of nail-care products, but also jewellery, various accessories and make up brushes.

Keep reading as I have a little surprise just for you!

This is why we say ‘Bless You’ after a sneeze

Sometimes,- or actually, most often I have some random thoughts and questions going through my mind. When A. and I were on our way to an afternoon tea cottage in The Netherlands I had a sneeze – There isn’t a day that goes by without me sneezing – and of course A. said: ,,Bless you.” then he popped the question that I have been thinking about for a little while too: Why do we say ‘bless you’ after someone sneezes? 

When I get my mind set on something, I will not let it go before I have a solid answer. So my research began and I have been reading several articles, blogs, papers, journals ,whatever I could find, to get an answer to that burning question of ours.

Here is what I got,

Easter treat: The Beauty Egg Collection

What better way than to treat yourself with THIS baby?

So this, ladies and gentlemen, is The Beauty Egg Collection from, isn’t it pretty?
When I saw some fashion/beauty (insta)bloggers such as Lydia E. Millen and Michaela making fabulous pictures on instagram with The Beauty Egg box in their lap I became one of those girls that makes that screamy/whale’ing oh-ma-gawd sound when seeing something they need to have.

(Unfortunately it is already sold out but you are able to order some of the products on the LookFantastic website.)

So when I saw

A taste of Scandinavia: Brunch at SMAKA

I have been following SMAKA on instagram for quite a while and I have experienced quite some support from them on my sociaI media as well, which I appreciate very much. I am still quite fresh in the (food)blogger scene – I only started in May ’16 – and I wish I had a better camera and all the money in the world to visit every single restaurant,- cafe,- and bar in London, but I will have to do it with my normal wage and my iphone for now. Maybe in the future I will have the privilege for at least a proper camera! It all takes time, and in the meantime; I will have to work a bit harder for recognition – and what is wrong with that? –.

Anywho …

Smaka promises food that is made from

Lunch at Ottolenghi

Photo credit:Litte Lady Eats

I am always craving for new flavours and new places, and the good thing about London is, is that it is a massive city with a restaurant,-pub or -cafe on every corner. Then it does make me think about how all these food places can survive with so much competition? I have been talking about this topic with people and the most, almost logical, answer to it is the amount of people that live in London.
According to the Office of National Statistics the population in London was a whopping 

The new year new me bullsh%t

I am still strolling around on this globe; I am still breathing; I am still taking photos of my food.

I know it has been quite a long time since I have written any blogposts, but I have been very active on my Instagram trying to gain more followers and joining the foodie community, which I very much enjoy!

The reason for my absence on my website was mainly because of the job that I had started in September, it asked a lot of time and energy – double shifts three to two times a week and ‘normal’ 8 hour shifts on the other two/three days -. As most of you know: I am a very busy bee who had lots of other things beside the working life, but like I said: the job asked a lot from me both physically and mentally, resulting into not doing anything else than take rest after.- I do have to say that I knew what I had signed up for, but just did not realise how much it actually affected me.

So after four months of blood, sweat, tears, laughter, friendship, and sore legs from all that standing, yet an other opportunity has came onto my path, greeting me with open arms and I accepted its embrace.

Upcoming Monday I am starting a new adventure as an intern at a wellknown global company. It will be completely new for me as I have been in the Hospitality Industry for almost a decade and now…. I will have…. a nine to five job.. Monday till Friday…. Every weekend off… Am I dreaming?? I am joining the ‘normal’ labour! Whoohoo!

I have been talking to family and friends about it, and especially my parents were their critical advisory self and pointed out that I will go back in salary. Which is true, but then again; it is a completely new thing for me, I have basically no clue what is waiting for me, so being trained for half a year is actually the best way to start, and if it means earning a bit less to eventually do what I want to do can be considered as: one step backwards, and three steps forwards! – Did I say this right? Or is it something compeletely Dutch of me? –.

So yea, this post is basically a quick update, I did not go in too much detail, but I promise I will come back to it very very soon!!